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“BIKE2WORK – A Shift Towards Sustainable Mobility” @ SMARTGREENS 2022

April 27, 2022

The FBK researcher Antonio Bucchiarone presented the case study at the International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems. The project, in collaboration with Dedagroup Public Services, is part of a larger initiative, "AIR BREAK- Co-producing healthy clean commuting air spots in town", with a focus on Air quality for the city of Ferrara.

The purpose of the International Conference is to bring together researchers, designers, developers and practitioners interested in the advances and applications in the field of Smart Cities, Green ICT, Sustainability, Energy Aware Systems and Technologies.

The CONFERENCE AREAS are the following ones:

  1. Energy-Aware Systems and Technologies
  2. Smart and Digital Services
  3. Smart Cities
  4. Smart Infrastructures and Smart Buildings
  5. Sustainable Computing and Systems

Within the Smart Cities section of the international conference, the FBK researcher Antonio Bucchiarone presented the case study BIKE2WORK. In his presentation he starts from Background and Motivations, then he explains Objectives, Features, Management and Supporting Tools. In the end, from the Experimental Results he comes to Conclusions and opens to Future Work.

Background: AIR BREAK campaigns’ aim is to raise citizens’ awareness on the possibilities and advantages offered by the available sustainable mobility services and to encourage a collective shift towards more sustainable mobility habits. In particular, through a holistic, bottom-up approach, AIRBREAK involves citizens and stakeholders at the centre of the new development, going beyond air quality data collection and monitoring approach and implementing, for the first time in Ferrara, actions aimed at transforming “dark-high-emission zones” in “green-augmented-healthy zones”. The engagement process starts from RAISE AWARENESS and moves to MEASURABLE OUTCOME, through BEHAVIOR CHANGE with a Gamified approach and COMMUNITY BUILDING.

Objectives: fostering employees of private/public companies sustainable mobility choises from home to work and support private/public companies in the adoption of policies, initiatives, and the development of urban mobility plans.

Features, Management: each employee, using the Play&Go Aziende Web App can view a set of information during his participation in the campaign trips made with related Km; means used (i.e., Bike); validation status of trips and relative routes. A reward (0.20 €/km) is recognized for each valid trip.

Supporting Tools: in BIKE2WORK players earn Green Leaves points based on km traveled with sustainable means. Employees can track trips by bike and can visualize the trips on a realworld map. From the other side, a Web Console for Mobility Managers is provided to manage all information related to their company, headquarters and employees. Campaign Statistics helps to filter and visualize the information necessary to understand the progress of the initiative.


Experimental Results

Looking at the next future, the campaign will be running for the next two years (till October 2023). A systematic (quantitative and qualitative) analysis using the collected data will be useful to measure the achieved environmental impact and to describe in detail the User Experience.

The project Bike2Work has been also selected to be presented at the MOBILITARS event at the end of May 2022.

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