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DOMOSENS at the turning point

March 24, 2017

Turning point for DOMOSENS, the project that simulates a real company owned by students and researchers: in 9 months the aim is to offer the market a sensor for monitoring air quality in homes.

The mid-term meeting for the DOMOSENS Alternanza Lavoro-Scuola project was held on February 23, 2017 at the FBK Povo Hub.

Launched in the fall of last year, the project Has involved a total of about 200 participants: students of six schools from Trentino guided by their teachers and coordinated by a working group made up of researchers and technicians of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

The DomoSens project simulates a company that has the aim to offer the market an air quality monitoring sensor hor homes in 9 months. It is a sensor that combines gas detection capabilities with a professional design that makes it a potentially multi-purpose furnishing element.

The main object of the meeting were the intermediate results achieved, and the arrangements for the last activities scheduled before the end of the school year.

First, the logo of the project, that had been selected in a participatory manner by consulting the entire community involved, was made official.

The author of the logo that finally prevailed is the student Gian Marco Gorza, 5D (Industry design and Jewelery and Metal Design) of Art High School “A.Vittoria” of Trento.

logo progetto DomosensThe logo of the DomoSens project

The project website has been online since January 2017: is the work of a group of students from all the schools that are part of the editorial staff.

A facebook page was created as well:

Each School described the activities carried out based on the planned division of tasks, that had been assigned in accordance with their respective skills:

Liceo Prati of Trento contributed with Legislation reference in the field of Intellectual Property, certifications and contracts.

The Corporate Information Systems 4B class  of  I.T.E. Tambosi Battisti of Trento devoted their work toMarket analysis and the study of intellectual property.

The Graphics 4A class of the Art School F. Depero of Rovereto was engaged in the Product brand and its user manual.

The Design 4C class of the same school, along with the Design 4D and 5D classes of the Art School A. Vittoria of Trento, developed the packaging and sensor design.

As for the ITT Buonarroti-Pozzo of Trento classes 3 and 4 specializing in Chemistry and Medical Biotechnologies, they produced the sensitive paste; classes 3 and 4 specializing inExtraction Automation and management of electrical signals.

The 4A class of High School Marie Curie of Pergine Valsugana wrote the User manual.

The 3AIS class of Istituto ITT G. Marconi in Rovereto performed the  “control electronics” and “alarm interface via sms” tasks; The 4AM class designed and produced the package.

The projects for the “Sensor Packaging” were presented and in the following days, there was a participatory selection on the part of the whole Domosens community. The proposals were numerous and were voted by the students involved, their parents, professors and principals. Thus, the winner of the contest was Giulia Pasqualazzo with the table entitled “Sun / Moon”, that you can see here.

Upcoming events, not to be missed, are participation in the Educa Festival in Rovereto April 7 through 9, 2017 and the presentation of the  Final results of the project Thursday on May 25, 2017. Both events will be posted on  the Events section of the Fou ndation’s website:

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