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FBK-Dedagroup joint lab: looking for 4 developers

May 23, 2017

The joined FBK Dedagroup initiative is starting the job! Four Developers positions for the Co-Innovation Lab are available now.

In 2016, Dedagroup and Fondazione Bruno Kessler have combined resources and expertise to give life to Co-Innovation Lab, a joint initiative dedicated to developing standards and best practices for the openness and interoperability of data and services (Open Data, Open Services) and to develop new generation digital applications.

The Co-Innovation Lab aims to boost change in companies, organizations, institutions, providing them with an approach and a set of tools with which to embrace the digital transformation.

The brand new lab is co-located with FBK’s “Smart Community Lab”. This lab of FBK aims at exploiting research results to produce significant and sustainable impacts on territory, market and society in a systematic and proactive way,  experimenting new modalities of service delivery to citizens, innovative communication modalities between citizens and government and new forms of collaboration and participation.

The successful candidates will work in the spaces of the Smart Community Lab.

The role requires working to the design and development of the software platforms and applications produced by the Co-Innovation Lab in the scope of its research and innovation projects, in collaboration with the staff of the Lab, of Dedagroup and of FBK.

More information about the call are available on FBK HR website.