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FBK for peace and the right to freedom in Ukraine

March 3, 2022

Fondazione Bruno Kessler joins the voice of European and Italian institutions and the many appeals launched by international research networks – including the European University Association, Euroscience and the Conference of Italian University Presidents – in the request for the immediate restoration of peace and fundamental rights in Ukraine.

By joining the chorus of the international community, FBK stands alongside the Ukrainian people to strongly reaffirm the values of peaceful coexistence, democracy and solidarity between peoples.

Consistently with this, pending a return to a situation of peace, FBK temporarily suspends all forms of collaboration with Russian research centers and entities, in line with the position expressed by the EU, the Italian government and many research institutions throughout the world.

With this decision, FBK intends to preserve Research from any exploitation that could set back the return to the condition of peace desired by all.

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