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FBK Junior: the Marathon of Young Apprentices Is Here!

October 2, 2017

101 individual traineeships, 22 schools, 93 students involved in group projects. These are the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro Training Program for High School students numbers at FBK, a feather in the Foundation's cap that thinks about research starting from school.

FBK Povo will be holding on October 12 the “Stage Marathon”, closing event of the FBK Junior Alternanza Scuola Lavoro program, which saw 85 students from Trentino from 22 schools engaged in summer internships.

The peculiarity of FBK’s experience is that in the summer weeks spent in Povo, the kids complete a research project led by our researchers like a real research team.

For this reason on October 12, the kids will be asked to present the outcome of their projects in a real Marathon, very stimulating and a bit competitive as well, as the top three will win a real “experience-travel” in the world of research.

Some numbers of FBK Junior 2017:

  • 101 individual internships (16 from January to May + 85 summer internships)
  • 22 schools involved
  • 93 students engaged in group trainingship
  • 200 students involved in annual projects
  • 18 students attending WebValley, the Internet Data Camp for the best local, national and international students in the Trentino valleys
  • 3 Visiting students have collaborated with the researchers during the year



The 85 students involved in summer internships will present their work before three committees in the first part of the event. Only 9 of them, the best, will be selected, that will be honored with the privilege of presenting their project to all students, teachers and family members in three minutes during a plenary session starting at 4:30 pm.

So, the event will take place in two sessions:

– a closed-door pre-selection of works by three committees;

– a public presentation of the best 9 works submitted by trainees, which will have a handful of minutes to tell their project in front of the jury composed this time by the three committees and … all the students who participated in the 2017 program.

The three winners will be rewarded with a study trip to an important national or international scientific institution, selected based on the interests and the “vocation” of young talents.

FBK promotes the “Stage Marathon” and the final award as an incentive for talent development in younger generations and an integral part of policies aimed at the care and support of young people starting from school that see their tangible implementation with the FBK Junior program.

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