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Giulia Cencetti appointed “Emerging Researcher” by the Complex System Society

February 10, 2022

We asked her to give us an overview of her work and a reflection on the occasion of the International Day for Women and Girls in Science.

Giulia Cencetti has the gaze of someone who moves on tiptoe, without making a noise, letting projects, actions and results speak for her. One of these, recently achieved, was awarded to her by the Complex System Society as an emerging researcher. “It is not related to a specific project,” he explains, “but it is a beautiful recognition for what I have done so far, and an incentive to continue energetically in this direction.” Said and done, because Giulia is the expression not only of an idea and a goal, but also its realization.

Researcher who works within the MobS Unit – Mobile and Social Computing Lab of FBK’s Digital Society Center, Giulia Cencetti puts herself at ease to explain, even to the less experienced eye and ear, what is meant by “complex society” and why it is essential to consider and know it as a reality in itself, a synthesis and not just a sum of the parts that compose it. The result is a lucid excursus on what has been done so far, and above all on the interdisciplinarity that has characterized Giulia’s career and work. “Although I started my doctorate with a very theoretical approach, I soon got to know researchers who work in very different fields from mine. However, this is precisely the premise at the basis of constructive research, because different areas also make available different tools, which however can lead to solutions that were hitherto unpredictable or apparently unattainable.”

The solutions, and therefore the results to which Giulia refers, are delivered right on the International day of women and girls in research, never so timely considering the need for many women to be recognized for the effort (and success) derived from the ability to work for the community. “It is a very important issue,” underlines Giulia, “and there is still a long way to go, in all areas. Tendentially and apparently, researchers are open-minded enough to look more at the substance than at the appearance. In the scientific field, what matters is what one has to say and not so much the gender, but unfortunately there are still many discouraging exceptions. However, concludes Giulia with a smile not just for circumstance, but strong in conviction and trust,I feel I can encourage women who, like me, are involved in this area: do not be intimidated by old and useless barriers. Cultivate your passion for science and spread knowledge, because knowledge can knock over barriers, prejudices and stereotypes. 

We accept this invitation which is anything but trivial, hoping that (one day) these conditions will be considered so normal and indisputable as to make Days like everyday life.

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