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The Green Economy Festival is being hosted In Trento from March 13

March 6, 2018

Confirmed guests include FBK President Francesco Profumo, Matteo Thun, Catia Bastioli, Alberto Vacchi, Francesco Starace, Massimo Sideri, Salvatore Majorana, Stefano Micelli, Aldo Bonomi.

Almost everything is ready for the third edition of the Green Week, the Green Economy most important widespread event that, March 13 through 15, opens its doors for three days to companies that symbolize eco-sustainability and, in the following three days, March 16 through 18, gathers the most important experts and operators in Trento to discuss the new frontiers of sustainable development.

The promoters of the set of initiatives are ItalyPost, Symbola Foundation, the University, the Municipality and the Province government of Trento, MUSE-Museum of Science, Trentino Sviluppo, Edmund Mach Foundation and Fondazione Bruno Kessler. This edition sees for the first time among the promoters the Symbola Foundation with president Ermete Realacci, a long-time supporter of environment-friendly development, assisted by Fabio Renzi, secretary-general of the above Foundation, and by Antonio Maconi, the head of Goodnet Territori In Rete, who has taken care of the program and the organization.

Also this year, the Green Week will open with the tour of the sixteen “Sustainability Factories“, which will include Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino from Tuesday, March 13 to Thursday, March 15. The tour will start in the afternoon of Tuesday 13 at four different locations in the Northeast: in Talmassons (UD), the protagonist will be CDA, a company specialized in the installation and management of food vending machines; in Busche (BL), Lattebusche will show to the public their investments in co-generation equipment that earned them the Sustainability Award from the European Business Awards. In Treviso, the focus will be on Amorim Cork Italia, leader in the cork stoppers market and famous for the rework of cork for construction, clothing and aeronautics, and on Cantina Pizzolato, real pioneer in the production and export of organic wine since 1991; finally, in Vicenza, the spotlight will be turned on Cielo and Terra Vini, the first winery in Italy to have introduced lean management for waste reduction, which will present a preview of its sustainability report.

“Arzignano Green Land” is instead the title of the special itinerary scheduled for Wednesday, March 14: a four-stage journey to discover the many companies in the area that will tell about special steps, those of leather, from byproduct to a noble product. The company opening its doors will be Acque di Chiampo, Dani, Ilsa and Samia, emblematic example of how the green culture represents respect for the environment and a driver for the development of local areas. At the same time, on Wednesday March 14, on the Trentino front, we will discover Cartiere del Garda, part of the Lecta Group, a paper hub ranking second in Europe among producers of coated wood-free paper, and of the Riva del Garda hydroelectric power plant, a monumental and still fully functional building, built on the lake shore in the 1920s and now managed by Dolomiti Energia. Trentino Progetti will present the Nuova RSA in Rovereto, a care residence for elderly people with low energy impact, which uses energy from renewable sources.

The tour of the “Sustainability Factories” will end on Thursday, March 15 in Padua, with the case of Bios Line, which conducts research on, produces and distributes supplements and cosmetics based on plant extracts, while Trentino will be featuring the Melinda Consortium, that will exceptionally offer a tour of their underground cold rooms, the first and only center in the world for the refrigeration of fresh fruit in the subsoil, and the Consorzio Comuni BIM Adige that will offer the tour of their photovoltaic system installed at the Tennis Halle in Cavareno that, in addition to producing more energy than a silicon plant, is almost entirely recyclable.

From Friday, March 16, the event will move to Trento, with the Green Economy Festival, which will invade the city center with over 35 events. The opening wll feature, in addition to Ermete Realacci, Enel CEO Francesco Starace and Alberto Vacchi, president and CEO of Ima. Friday afternoon will see a discussion on green economy and green society with Aldo Bonomi, sociologist and director of the AASTER Consortium, and Fabio Renzi, secretary of the Symbola Foundation. Tourism will then be at the center of two meetings featuring, among others, Michele Lanzinger, director of MUSE, Paolo Verri, director of Matera 2019-European Capital of Culture, landscape architect Claudio Bertorelli, Paolo Bertolini, Marina of Venice President, Lorenzo Delladio, La Sportiva managing director. The meetings will be followed by a presentation of the latest book by Barbara Santoro, Pensare Sostenibile (Thinking Sustainable, Egea) and Generazione Z (Generation Z) by Edmund Mach Foundation president, Andrea Segrè. Many other events are scheduled for the day: one on climate change – mainly dedicated to high school students -, science espressos by MUSE, a panel on mobility, smart mobility and urban climate. The day will wrap up with the Radical Green Award giving ceremony and with the show, organized by PopEconomix, “Blue revolution. Economy in the time of disposable everything”.


On Saturday, March 17 the topic of mobility will be addressed in the cities of Trento, Padua and Milan and, in the afternoon, that of smart cities. Also during the morning, green chemistry will be at the center of the panel that will feature Novamont CEO and Terna president Catia Bastioli. The sustainable works of the future will then be at the center of a debate between Salvatore Majorana, scientific director Kilometro Rosso, economist Stefano Micelli and Francesco Profumo, president of Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, all moderated by the editor and Director of Corriere Innovazione, Massimo Sideri. Saturday will also feature two previews: the presentation of data by the Waste Watcher Report on the value of food, from grocery shopping to packaging, and that by Nuove Imprese. Who are the champions competing with global companies, the new book by Filiberto Zovico, published by Egea, will be the protagonist of a dialogue on the theme “From usefulness to meaning”. The afternoon will end with a focus on sustainable architecture with the extraordinary participation of Matteo Thun, the three times winner of the Compasso d’Oro and included in the New York Interior Hall of Fame.

Sunday, March 18, the Green Week will end with the by now traditional “open day” at MUSE, which will see free admission for all visitors. The program includes the lecture by Emanuele Bompan, director of Materia Rinnovabile, who will present Watergrabbing -The Atlas of Water, and a focus on “aliens in agriculture”, to find out how new paradites and climate change are affecting production in our lands. But Sunday, March 18 will be mainly “Wolf Day”, with many activities – for all ages – dedicated to the wolf and its coexistence with man in the Alps and in Europe.


Source: Green Week Festival