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Hope of belonging: Trento Smart City Week will be back in April

November 28, 2017

Trento Smart City Week, an event that stems from the inclusion of Trento in the ranking of the top ten smart cities in the world according to the IEEE ranking, is coming back April 12 through 15. The 2018 edition, like the previous one, stemmed from the joint initiative of five promoters - the City of Trento, the Autonomous Province of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, the University of trento and the Consortium of the Trentino Municipalities - and the collaboration of many other Trentino-based companies.

In September 2016 the event saw more than 100 program events, 20,000 overall visitors, 12,000 single log-ins to with 75,000 page views. The initiative was advertised nationwide through news and segments on the major national newspapers, television and online media.

The new edition will propose a series of events in which citizens and visitors will be able to hear, with simple and lay language, interesting stories, challenging visions of the future and get acquainted with smart services and initiatives, i.e. innovative, easy and intelligent in the city of Trento and Trentino local area. Additionally, people working in the public administration will find a place to learn more about successful experiences and discover the advancements in research, innovation, business and startups.

In the spaces set up in Piazza Fiera, the event will propose and discuss topics and challenges in connection with being a smart city through roundtable discussions, information seminars, demonstrations, interactive workshops, activities, exhibitions, each including chances for exchange. In the Exhibition Area visitors will be able to experience first hand the smart services that cities and the local area offer.

The new edition aims to spread the culture of innovation by involving local and national institutions, civil society, academia, science and citizens. The topic of the Trento Smart City Week 2018 will be participation, addressed extensively and expressed in the motto: The Hope of Belonging. The City, therefore, as a place where each one can actively contribute to the improvement of common well-being. Participation not only as an action but also as a feeling of belonging and responsibility.

The event will propose a central program, organized directly by the promoters, divided into four sections that will take turns on the different days of the event:

·         smart people with people who will present visions of the future, interesting facts and experiences

·         smart land where public administrations and institutions in Trentino will present their projects, their initiatives and their services

·         smart citizens where citizens, inventors and startups will have the chance to present ideas, studies and prototypes

·         smart solutions & challenges, a space dedicated to companies wishing to meet the public administration.

In addition to the central program, the city will be animated by numerous other initiatives, organized independently by important partners in the area, who will provide the satellite program. During that week, MUSE will propose a program specifically designed with activities and workshops dedicated to children, adults and families. On the same days of the event, the exhibit center in Trento wull host RoboCup Junior, a robotic tournament for Italian schools, organized this year by the Trentino school system.

The participation theme that marks the 2018 edition of Trento Smart City Week is also reflected in the collaborative approach of the program.
The smart citizens section will be reserved for proposals from those who live, animate or want to improve the city and the local area.

Anyone – citizen, inventor, startup – that has ideas they think might be of interest to the visitors of Trento Smart City Week 2018 can advance them by filling in the “Program Proposal” online form available on the website of the event from today until January 31.

Companies will also have the opportunity to link their name to innovation, technology and well-being by joining the sponsorship campaign.

From now until February 23, it is possible to submit a sponsorship proposal by filling in the “Sponsorship” online form available on the website of the event and choosing one of the five levels provided.

You may contact the organizer’s event secretary office by email at or calling +39 0461.884123