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L’arte di migrare | The art of migrating

March 21, 2017

FBK-ISR is a partner of "The art of migrating" sponsored by the City of Riva del Garda in the framework of the 13th Action Week Against Racism from March 20 to March 26

The FBK Center for Religious Stuies (ISR) contributes to the kaleidoscopic program of “The Art of migrating“, with which the municipality of Riva del Garda brings to Trentino – for the first time the national project entitled “A colori è meglio” (Color is better).

FBK-ISR has focused mainly on the interactive exhibit “Conoscere per sconfinare” (Learning about to cross the frontier) built with texts, photographs and videos, and designed to facilitate the deconstruction of stereotypes and prejudices against refugees, immigrants, second-generation immigrants.

“I do appreciate this program – FBK-ISR Director Marco Ventura said during the press conference on March 17 – because it responds to a real demand of the people. There is increasing interest for religious differences, which are constantly and rapidly changing, and constantly urge us and surprise us, for example in the rulings of recent weeks, signaling big shifts in public opinion, unimaginable until just a few years ago. We live in times that create in us feelings of immobility and paralysis, a sense of not being able to answer to new questions; on the contrary, this project works, as it should, on the available maneuvering space, on the concrete possibility to do something, to move on, to get out of paralysis. Positive and appropriate, for example, is what this project makes young people do, i.e. work on issues of prejudice and stereotype».

The initiative “The Art of migrating” is part of the 13th Action Week against Racism organized by the National Office against Racial Discrimination and aims to encourage the creation of a social and cultural context that can prevent discrimination and intolerance, and promotes a society that is more inclusive and able to deal with the dynamics of identity change.


The program offers a number of events throughout the week, in particular:

Monday, March 20, 6.00 pm

Sala civica Craffonara, giardini di Porta Orientale
Conoscere per sconfinare

Opening of the interactive exhibit: the projects will be presented that have given rise to the various parts of the exhibit, conceived as a series of steps that should favor the reflection on the phenomenon of migration and the enhancement of plurality in contemporary societies. Music by Scuola Musicale Alto Garda. With finger food and drinks from around the world

March 21 through 26

Sala civica Craffonara, giardini di Porta Orientale

Conoscere per sconfinare – Interactive exhibit

The exhibit offers a series of steps to elicit reflection on the migration phenomenon, the appreciation of diversity.

Open hours: Tuesday through Friday, from 9.30 am until 5.30 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.


Tuesday, March 21, 9.00 pm

Auditorium del Conservatorio Bonporti, largo Marconi 5

Molteplici sguardi su Riva

Presentation of the research entitled “Molteplici sguardi su Riva (Anche da molto lontano ma ormai così vicino) – Integration programs and lives of immigrants in Riva del Garda”.
Curator Serena Piovesan (Cinformi) talks with Gabriel Echeverria (CFSI). Speakers from include immigrant associations


Wednesday, March 22, 4.30 pm

Auditorium del Conservatorio Bonporti, largo Marconi 5


Screening of the film by Yasemin Samdereli (Germany, 2011, length 101 minutes)

The screening of the film will be accompanied by autobiographical accounts of migrants who have joined the “Storie da cinema” (Movie-like stories) project promoted by CFSI.


Thursday, March 23 (morning)


With Middle and High School students


Friday, March 24, 9.00 pm

Centro sociale del Pernone, via Chiesa Vecchia 17, Varone

Io sono Li

Screening of the film by Andrea Segre (Italy, 2011, length 100 minutes)

In partnership with Pro loco, Gruppo iniziative Varone


Saturday, March 25, 9.00 pm

Sala della Rocca, piazza Cesare Battisti 5

Donne unite contro l’islamofobia

Performance di Teatro dell’Oppresso

The interactive performance makes the audience reflect on discrimination situations experienced by Muslim women (as women, migrants and muslims) and ways to overcome them. With finger food and drinks from around the world


Sunday, March 26, 11 am

Scuola Musicale Alto Garda, viale Guella 6

Radici. Musiche, voci e memorie dal mondo

Music performance featuring international representatives of students and teachers from Scuola Musicale Alto Garda. Through an exploration path of repertoires and original readings, the SMAG foreign-born students and teachers will be performing  a revival of traditions, memories, personal stories of immigration, pieces of culture and artistic evidence of their places of origin, with the intention of making the arts and music the instruments for mutual understanding and rapprochement between different cultures.

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