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Michele Bolognese wins the 2022 Young Scientist award in the hydrogen sector

October 27, 2022

The award was conferred by Hydrogen Europe Research, an international organization comprising 121 Universities and Research Centers from 27 countries.

Michele Bolognese, a researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Sustainable Energy Center (SE), was awarded the 2022 Young Scientist Award by Hydrogen Europe Research, an international organization that includes 121 universities and research centers in 27 countries.

The award ceremony took place on October 26, in Brussels, during Hydrogen Week, the main European event in the field of hydrogen, which hit its third edition this year.

The award was established to give visibility to the work of students, doctoral students, postdocs and young researchers working within the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, a European initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

There were five award categories, including one dedicated to research in the field of hydrogen production, in which the FBK researcher excelled.

“I am extremely happy and proud,” said Michele Bolognese, “to have won this important award promoted by HER in the field of hydrogen production. This achievement means so much to me and to my research career path. I am very grateful to FBK’s Sustainable Energy center directed by Luigi Crema because over the years it has allowed me to grow professionally by acquiring a myriad of skills, expertise and training programs. My dear thanks go to the entire SE team for their constant support and teamwork. Finally, I would like to thank all my family, my better half Rosaria and dedicate this award to my grandfather Michele Moramarco who left us this year.”

“This award,” said FBK Sustainable Energy Center director Luigi Crema, ” is a cause of great satisfaction for researcher Michele Bolognese and, of course, for the entire FBK Sustainable Energy Center. Especially in a particular conjncture for the energy sector and attempts to accelerate in finding new sustainable solutions for industries and territories. It is a sign of dedication, commitment and capacity that represents in our communities the whole SE Center.”

In the other categories, the following researchers have distinguished themselves:

  • Hydrogen storage and distribution: Lisa Blanchard, Dr (CEA)
  • Hydrogen usages: Merit Bodner (Technische Universität Graz)
  • Cross-Cutting activities: Donatella Cirrone (Ulster University)
  • Best researcher of the year: Erika Michela Dematteis (Università degli Studi di Torino)

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