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September 8, 2017

On September 9, 2017, the game "Travel Trento and Rovereto Play & Go" starts and that will last until Friday, March 2, 2018 for a total of 25 weeks

(Press Release by City of Trento / FBK)

The municipalities of Trento and Rovereto together to promote the culture of multimodality along the Adige river.

“Sharing takes you a long way” is the slogan this year for the next European Mobility Week , from September 16 to 22. The local governments of Trento and Rovereto have joined the effort, working together for the occasion with the aim of promoting a more sustainable and winning mobility through the game “Viaggia Trento and Rovereto Play & Go“.

At a press conference this morning at Bici Grill in Trento – a symbolic place since the bike is one of the most commonly used vehicles and the eatery is located on the Trento-Rovereto axis – the Deputy Mayor and Council member for Mobility Paolo Biasioli emphasized “the importance of jointly identifying a winning formula. The urban mobility plans of both cities give great importance to multimodality. Last year, 30% of those who participated used a means of transportation they had never used. ”

For Mario Bortot, Councilor for Sport and Technological Innovation of the Town of Rovereto, “Structural investments are very important, and our local government is making great efforts to foster multimodality with neighboring municipalities, but these must be accompanied by initiatives such as this that stimulate citizens with prizes. But the real prize is to change, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Marco Pistore, FBK researcher and coordinator of the Smart Community Lab, stressed the role of the long-term research behind this initiative for sustainable mobility. “Thanks to the collaboration between the municipalities of Trento and Rovereto, but also thanks to the advice of the citizens who have used the App, we have reached a technological maturity that allows us to extend the experimentation throughout Trentino and outside the Province.”

The game, which will start on September 9 and will last around 6 months, has been successfully tested in previous editions by the respective administrations and aims to spread the multimodality culture along the Adige river in a fun and original way.

It is based on a smartphone application developed by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, which allows planning and tracing travel offering mobility solutions integrated with the mobility policies of the two administrations.

The citizen planning his or her itinerary with Viaggia Play & Go will be invited to choose between possible travel options (car, bus, train, bike, walking and combinations of the above); the system will take care of suggesting the more sustainable combinations (walking, bike sharing, bicycle in general and public transportation) by assigning credits that place participants in global and weekly rankings, which will be updated daily throughout the game.

During the initiative, participants will be offered interesting weekly rewards and personalized challenges that, if met, will allow them to earn bonus points.

The contribution of local entities and organizations was critical to the success of the initiative.

New for the 2017/2018 edition (watch the interview with Annapaola Marconi, FBK researcher). Starting this year, participants will have a “logbook” and a “dashboard“, allowing each participant to analyze the history of their journeys and keep track of their position in the partial and global rankings throughout the game. Also, the way of recording single-mode bus routes, which has proved to be rather complicated in previous editions, will be streamlined.

Scheduling and duration of the game. The game sill start on Saturday, September 9, 2017, and last until Friday, March 2, 2018, for a total of 25 weeks, with a final prize by the first half of March.

Below is a list of some of the final and weekly rewards


FINAL REWARDS (top ranking participants)

· 1st prize: a three-day stay and two nights for two people with a half-board accomodation at a local hotel (*** or *** S);

· 2nd prize: a pair of designer sunglasses;

· 3rd prize: a half-year fitness center membership;

· 4th prize: a swimming pool summer membership;

· 5th prize: a Pilates, stretching or yoga course, Feldenkrais method and others;

· 6th prize: a MAXI OOH! exhibition space at MUSE membership;

· 7th prize: a car sharing annual membership;

· 8th prize: a 10 swimming-pool day passes.


And others for the final drawing between the first 50 finalists.

WEEKLY REWARDS (top ranking participant and drawing among the top 50 participants included in the weekly ranking): Memberships and tickets for sporting seasons, admission to cultural and theater events, and admission to museums.


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