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Introducing FBK’s 25 Future Science Ambassadors

June 12, 2024

The project aims to enhance the people and the current topics of our Research in line with FBK's Talent Program

Hundreds of young researchers, innovators and PhD students are involved in research and higher education projects at Fondazione Bruno Kessler each year.
Human capital enhancement has always been one of FBK’s main goals, and to better meet this need, several initiatives have been launched, including the upcoming Talent Program. This program aims to uncover the potential and maximize the skills of each talent by offering individual experiential learning pathways linked to their respective professional vocations.

To ensure the success of such initiatives, it is crucial to effectively convey innovations, research and technology advances to people and society. In this context, the quality of science communication plays a critical role. This is why the FBK Science Ambassador project, a high-level training course on science communication topics for 25 young FBK talents, was created.

Monday, June 10, 2024, at FBK’s Povo site, the 25 ambassadors together with the centers’ scientific management met for the project’s kick-off, that featured an opening motivational speech by FBK President Ferruccio Resta.

The future Ambassadors, 12 female and 13 male with an average age of less than 35 years and from the different centers of the Foundation, presented their backgrounds and research interests, along with expectations about the educational path for their careers.

“The aim of the project is to train talented researchers who can become true ambassadors of Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s research, spreading the results and value with clarity, passion and enthusiasm,” President Ferruccio Resta said. “Science communication is key to making science accessible to all, but it brings with it delicate challenges.  We need to find the perfect balance between rigor and clarity, between precision and involvement.”

The actual training will start in September, that during the first edition will give the talents participating in the project the opportunity to delve into modules inherent to science communication, the creation of effective content, and the enhancement of written, oral, and multi-channel communication.

The 25 Science Ambassadors, upon completion of the training, will have the opportunity to put the acquired knowledge into practice and present themselves at events and outreach initiatives as FBK voices.

Below is a list of the 25 FBK Science Ambassadors:

Mattia Antonini AI for Industry
Simone Bassanelli AI for Society
Alessio Brutti AI for Society
Alessandro Cian Sensors for AI
Nicolo’ Crescini Sensors for AI
Elena Crespi AI for Industry
Jacopo Dalmasson Sensors for AI
Marco Dianti AI for Health
Elena Donini AI for Society
Mattia Duranti AI for Industry
Valeria Fabretti AI for Society
Elisa Farella AI for Industry
Riccardo Gallotti AI for Society
Giorgio Guzzetta AI for Health
Greta Lampis AI for Society
Massimiliano Luca AI for Society
Eleonora Mencarini Ai for Society
Giulia Mezzanotte AI for Health
Monica Moroni AI for Health
Sergio Povoli AI for Industry
Matteo Rizzi AI for Society
Giada Sciarretta AI for Society
Sara Stemberger AI for Industry
Camilla Tenaglia AI for Society
Elena Tomasi AI for Industry



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