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ENCORE project: An educational platform for customized and motivating training programs, thanks to generative AI

July 10, 2024

The project will develop an educational platform based on Open educational resources and, through generative AI, will model training programs Based on each student’s characteristics

An  Open resource-based educational platform that can be customized both for the student and for the teacher and that, in addition to personal study, integrates opportunities spaces for sharing: this is the results of ENCORE, an Erasmus+ Project funded by by the European Commission Being carried out by a consortium of universities and Italian and international research centers, like Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Center for Digital Society with its MoDiS and i3 Units.

Antonio Bucchiarone, researcher with the MoDiS unit, tell us what was FBK’s contribution, and how the work was done.

The platform allows to develop skills in three main areas: digital,  green and entrepreneurial sskills. Thanks too open badges, users can certify and share the results achieved at the end of the training program.

In the earliest stages of the project, the work was focused on the development of an open source database in these domains, selecting the network of open educational resources available,Qualitatively assessing the materials and categorizing it through metadata, adding then the possibility for teachers to organize and filter the materialson which they can later on build their training programs. Thanks to generative AI, teachers can also adapt their resources – which can include reading materials, videos, quizzes, and more – to match theirWishes and objectives.

FBK’s role in the ENCORE project

The two FBK units involved in the project – MoDiS and i3 –have worked towards the creation of educational resources database that allows teachers to offer programs that match the educational objectives and students to personalize study based on their learning preferences. Comparing the system to a graph with nodes and arcs, where the nodes are the various types of learning and assessment activities to be carried out, the FBK units worked on the arcs, then on identifying the customizable ways to be proposed in the program to move from one step to another during the training course.

We cannot pretend to have the same training ptogram for everyone, this is essential and is one of the core aspects of the project: customization and adaptation for each student, understanding what personal characteristics and study preferences are so that everyone can learn the same concepts but in the way that suits them best. The final test and the skills attained remain the same for everyone and are defined by the teacher, but thanks to the platform, everyone is free to develop them by further training through listening, or through videos or quizzes if they prefer,” Antonio Bucchiarone explained. “Another customisable aspect is revision: thanks to generative AI, the platform proposes to revise the concepts that have not been learnt in the best possible way, proposing the preferred and customised mode for each student.”

The ENCORE platform is, thus, an  Game full and motivational 2-D environment that allows for high personalization for the attainment of skills through Open badges.  Targets are multiple sense. The platform can be used both for teaching and for professional training in companies. 


The next step of the project will involve the testing off the platform and it teaching features at entities outside the consortium, like training organizations and universities Willing to test this innovative training method, applying it also to new subjects since the platform is an open and can be module, allowing for the support of all kinds of training both for universities and enterprises.

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