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Researchers’ Night: the Festival of Research Is Coming back to Trento on Friday, September 28

September 3, 2018

A preview on the night's program

[PRESS RELEASE] The Researchers’ Night, the event that invites visitors to let research fascinate them even under the stars is back with an even richer program. The guides will be the researchers who work every day in the research organizations in the area. Also this year, the University of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Fondazione Edmund Mach and MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, which on September 28 will be the point of attraction for research enthusiasts, are among the main promoters. The things to do and see in this edition are many, and the event will spread to various locations in the Le Albere neighborhood: 52 science proposals to be explored, a six-step science hunt for the little ones, 18 meetings with research, 13 “Living books” and 10 dinners with research, as well as many other initiatives carried out in collaboration with other institutions and businesses in the area.

The Trento edition of the Night will be starting at 5 pm as the other 52 Italian cities participating in this initiative. The detailed program of the evening will be unveiled in the coming days, but some advance information is already available on the Night’s website ( First of all the formats: demos to experiment and understand science through short demonstrations; “Whoever seeks will find” a hunt for science dedicated to resourceful girls and boys; “Meet research” to savour the words of research during a happy hour; “Living books” to cultivate the pleasure of reading beautiful stories from the voice of those who are living them; “Dinner with research” for those who do not resist and want to learn more about science and research.
This year’s Night’s guest of honour will be Grammenos Mastrojeni, coordinator for the Environment and head of the Science-policy interface of the Development Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will give a talk at 10.00 pm entitled “The Matrix of Gaia. Science, interdependence, and the challenge of sustainable development “. Head Italian negotiator on land and water and member of the delegations on climate, oceans and biodiversity, as well as president of the Global Mountains and Islands Partnership, Mastrojeni has lectured on “Conflict Resolution and Environmental Matters” in various universities, in Italy and abroad. For many years, he has studied and exposed to the public the implications of climate change on the health of the planet and in particular on the close relationship between environmental imbalance and social instability. “The health of the biosphere – reads the preview of his talk – depends on a factor we had not valued: global balance. This is the result of the interactions between local or sector sub-balances, governed by feedback and cumulative cycles: politics thus launches an urgent appeal to science to understand and manage the complexity and simplicity of the common home Earth”.
Grand finale with the rock and pop rhythm of the “B-Ing Band”, the cover band created on the initiative of some biotechnologists and engineers of the University of Trento. We will wrap up with them, dancing to the beat of songs from the 60s and 70s, up to most recent pop hits.

The Trento Researchers’ Night is an initiative promoted and organized by the University of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Fondazione Edmund Mach and MUSE, in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and with the sponsorship of the City of Trento.

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