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The SWITCH project wins the ENERGY GLOBE Award 2023 for Italy

November 3, 2023

The award was assigned by the Austria Trade Consul, Christoph Plank

The renowned award for sustainability was bestowed last 2nd November by the Trade Consul of Austria, Christoph Plank, to the director of the FBK Sustainable Energy Center, Luigi Crema and to the project coordinator, Matteo Testi

“This award”, highlighted Luigi Crema, “is an acknowledgement to the commitment of our researchers and innovators and adds value to our local collaboration with the company SolydEra. We wish to thank the European program of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership for funding with European funds the SWITCH project”.

Coordinated by the FBK researcher Matteo Testi, SWITCH is a Horizon 2020 European project aiming to develop a prototype of an innovative system for hydrogen production, based on the solid-oxide cell technology.

“The SWITCH system”, explains Testi, “is going to be a technology for hydrogen production designed for refueling stations but also for any industrial user interested in decarbonizing processes guaranteeing at the same time their continuity. The innovation of the SWITCH concept is the production of hydrogen both through electrolysis by renewable resources and through low-Co2-emission processes, guaranteeing supply, as much renewable as possible, and producing also electricity and heat.”  

The  SWITCH project (Smart Ways for In-Situ Totally Integrated and Continuous Multisource Generation of Hydrogen)

The heart of the technology will be a reversible solid oxide cell (SOC) that operates in two ways: electrolysis (SOE) and fuel cell (SOFC). In the SOE mode, the SWITCH system will use electricity generated from renewable sources to produce green hydrogen. Through electrolysis, renewable electricity will be used to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The SOFC mode power supply can be natural gas or biomethane.

By offering a cost-effective and continuous supply of H2 to hydrogen refueling stations, the SWITCH system aims to become a key technology for the transition to a carbon-neutral energy and mobility system in Europe, with crucial consequences for people’s health and improved infrastructure.

The Energy Globe Award

With more than 180 participating countries, the Energy Globe Award is defined as the most prestigious environmental award internationally. It is awarded annually to environmental protection, sustainable projects or sustainability awareness campaigns.

The award at the national level qualifies for participation in the international award to be decided in the coming months.

This project was funded by Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (now Clean Hydrogen Partnership) with the Subsidy agreement n. 875148. This partnership receives the support of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program of the European Union, of Hydrogen Europe and of Hydrogen Europe Research.


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