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  • October 25, 2022
    If you are dealing with Iran, whether by national affiliation, by birth, for tourism, love, interest, study, or for more than one of these reasons, you will feel that you are dealing with a large skein, impossible to unravel.
  • October 24, 2022
    Cities and regions under the spell of (de-)globalization
    Edition No. 63 of the Italian-German Historical Institute's Study Week took place from Oct. 12 to 14, 2022.
  • October 18, 2022
    10 new European projects for Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Digital Industry Center
    The involvement of Trentino based businesses, the creation of demonstrator sites, and the development of solutions easily adaptable to the local area are being promoted
  • October 15, 2022
    Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design: pushing boundaries
    The ES unit of Digital Industry Centre (FBK) co-organized this year edition of the International Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design (FMCAD). It's the 22nd in a series of conferences on theory and applications of formal methods in hardware and system verification. The conference has been held in Trento last Oct. 18th and 19th
  • October 13, 2022
    Between historiography and the public use of history
    The "ARO" forum devoted to the history of the German Empire provides an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between historiography and public memory
  • October 6, 2022
    A brand new digital platform for fairs
    TOFANE is a research project funded by the autonomous Province of Trento whose aim is the creation of a state-of-the-art platform for providing services for fairs based on localisation of visitors and assets. With the double goal of enriching the visitor experience of a given event and providing added value services for the exhibitors and the fair organization.
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