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Andrea Micheli

Andrea Micheli is the head of the “Planning, Scheduling and Optimization” research unit at the FBK Digital Industry Center, which focuses on the development and technology transfer of decision support algorithms He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento in 2016. He has won several awards for the doctoral thesis entitled “Planning and Scheduling in Temporally Uncertain Domains”, including the EurAI Best Doctoral Thesis Award and the Honorable Mention for the ICAPS Best Doctoral Thesis Award. He currently works in the field of Temporal Planning and is the main developer of the TAMER planner ( He is also the main developer of the pysmt open-source project ( He is the coordinator of the AIPlan4EU project ( whose aim is to remove access arriers to automated planning technology and bring that technology to the European Platform for AI On-Demand. He has written over 30 papers in the fields of Formal Methods and Artificial Intelligence.

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