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Dominik Balazka is a guest blogger for FBK Magazine. Dominik is a PhD student in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research at the University of Milan and the University of Turin, a joint PhD program of the Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies. The main focus of his research activity is on religious nones, survey methods and potential impact of Big Data on the emerging field of non-religion studies. He is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR) and of the International Society for Historians of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism (ISHASH). In 2020 he worked as researcher at Bruno Kessler Foundation with a double affiliation to the Center for Information and Communication Technology and to the Center for Religious Studies. Formerly, he worked on the European Values Study 2017 at Tilburg University and collaborated with the Department of Sociology and Social Research and with the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento.

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