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Agreement between FBK, UniTN and the National Institute of Higher Mathematics for Trento Based Cirm Signed

July 4, 2017

The Center has so far promoted 300 international conferences attended by over 18,000 mathematicians from around the world.

Precisely this week, when the 300th conference organized since its inception is being held, the International Center for Mathematical Research (CIRM) concludes a stage in which the University of Trento and the National Institute of Higher Mathematics provided support to Fondazione Bruno Kessler with the management and promotion of the Center itself. In these past few days, an agreement has been signed between the three entities to collaborate in a joint laboratory with headquarters in Trento, whose name will remain “International Center for Mathematical Research”, in order to give continuity to the activities carried out so far and at the same time to start new synergies, developing scientific and high-level initiatives, including local impact actions.

“In light of the increasingly apparent relevance of mathematical research, its countless applications in other sciences and its technological impact,” explains director Marco Andreatta, “CIRM’s activity will certainly be crucial in the coming years both in the production of research and in its applications ”

The Quantum Physics and Geometry Conference, organized in Levico Terme July 4 tthrough 6, is the 300th international event organized and promoted by CIRM since its foundation in 1978 as one of the Centers of the former Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC).

“In those years,” continues Marco Andreatta, “ITC favored the creation of parallel research institutes at the young University and, with CIRM, the Italian German Historical Institute, the Institute for Religious Studies and the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research were created. These centers and institutes, alongside the university, have provided an essential contribution to the cultural, social and economic development of Trentino and more generally of our country. ”


Bruno Kessler appointed Mario Miranda and Giovanni Zacher to set up the Mathematics Center. They set themselves the primary goal of organizing weeks of seminars and conferences on mathematical research. For some years now the center has been directed by Marco Andreatta, assisted by an International Advisory Committee of renowned mathematicians. In the transition to Fondazione Bruno Kessler, the activity was also extended through exchange and cooperation programs organized in Trento, among math researchers from all over the world. Augusto Micheletti has been, since its foundation, the secretary of the Center.

CIRM is a high-prestige international research center, unique in Italy, comparable to similar centers such as the Newton Institute in Cambridge, the Mathematics Forchungsinstitut of Oberwolfach, the Berkeley Mathematical Science Research Institute. The 300 conferences promoted so far by CIRM have been attended by over 18,000 mathematicians around the world, including many Fields medal (the “Nobel Prize for Mathematics”) recipients and the most influential researchers in mathematical science. All the world’s mathematical libraries have a number of proceedings of conferences held at CIRM and many research projects, articles and patents bear CIRM as the incubation site of their fundamental ideas.

The common work started with CIRM is one of the examples that substantiates the framework agreement with Unitn signed last May and which sees FBK and the Trentino University increasingly closer in the challenges of research.

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