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Creating an ecosystem for innovation entrepreneurship

February 5, 2018

What are the main challenges to face to translate research excellence into a succssessful innovation ecosystem? Paolo Taticchi from Imperial College shows us his point of view

Paolo Taticchi has been invited by Hub Innovazione Trentino on 31 january 2018 to hold a lecture about Research, Innovation and Business at Imperial College (London).


He is an expert with a global standing about business networks, corporate sustainability and performance measurement, so I’ve asked him to show us in few points what are the key factors for a sucsessful innovation ecosystem.

Here follow his five most important points of attention:

1)       The macro environment is a starting point: it is made by what the local territory can offer in terms of policies, incentives, infrastructures, talents, presence of research institutions, industries and investors;

2)       The presence of academics with an entrepreneurial mindset;

3)       Invest in co-location initiatives because proximity “naturally fosters innovation”;

4)       Having the right scale is important because Innovation is a kind of “go big or go home” game;

5)       Connect with the community worldwide because global digital dimension of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is very important today.


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