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Download your medical records with the new TreC_FSE app

August 1, 2018

TreC users are over 87 thousand. The new application aims to increase the number of users

Fewer trips to go pick up records, fewer lines at the counters, saving paper, but above all a simplification in access to one’s health records. As of today, it is even easier to access one’s medical records and manage one’s health information in a secure way.

Thanks to the new free TreC_FSE application, you can, in fact, open TreC – the digital health services platform that allows you to access your Electronic Health Record – even from smartphones or tablets. The App will allow users to easily consult their medical records, drug prescriptions and specialist referral forms.

The TreC_FSE App was developed by TrentinoSalute4.0’s joint Province Healthcare System/Fondazione Bruno Kessler of Trento laboratory, in cooperation with the Department of Health and Social Solidarity and the Directorate General and ICT Support Services Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento. At this time, TreC_FSE is the only App in Italy that allows access to one’s digital health records and was officially presented today at a press conference by the province Government councilor for health, social policies and sport Luca Zeni, by the general manager of PAT Health and Social Solidarity Department Silvio Fedrigotti, Apss Medical Director Claudio Dario, FBK Secretary General Andrea Simoni, Diego Conforti, Director of the Research and Innovation Office of PAT Department of Health and Social Solidarity and Livia Ferrario, Director General of PAT Department of Knowledge.

Today more and more citizens use only smartphones and tablets to access the Internet and enjoy online services in a fast, simple and intuitive fashion, preferring mobile applications to computer browser access. TrentinoSalute4.0, therefore, decided to implement the mobile version of the TreC service with the aim of expanding the number of users: by exploiting an object that everyone now has at their fingertips, access to electronic health records will be potentially guaranteed to the adult population of Trentino. Currently, more than 87 thousand Trentino residents (16% of entitled citizens) have TreC accounts. The data – available at – show over 2300 payments made and almost 3600 primary care physician changes. Considering also Fast TreC – the service for all health card holders (not only Trentino residents) that allows users to view labwork results, make appointments for blood tests and check for the vaccination status of kids under 16 – the numbers reach over 233 thousand.
The “beta” version of the App was launched on an experimental basis during the “Trento smart city week” in April and, after a few months of testing and improvement, today it can be downloaded from the App store and from Google play and is available to citizens who have activated their health card to access TreC. To date, the App allows users to consult medical reports, specialist referrals, drug prescriptions and pick up meds (even outside the Province). The “beta” version of the App has been downloaded 3500 times: 200 drug prescriptions and 3500 records viewed.

In the coming months, additional functions will be gradually integrated into the app, in line with the web version of the TreC platform. Users will thus be able to “interact” with the province healthcare system: make appointments and pay specialist visits, change primary care doctors, and more. TreC is a real health diary where citizens can keep track of personal and family history (medicines, therapies, allergies and intolerances, vaccinations, etc.) and record personal observations on their health (weight, pressure, lifestyles).
You can activate the App at helpdesks enabled to activate the CPS/ Province Services Card. If you have SPID credentials or have already activated your health card, you can download and activate the app yourself.
“Investing in new technologies – said councillor Zeni – has a strong political value. It means revolutionizing access to health services and encouraging an increasingly active participation of citizens in the management of their health, facilitating access to health records and creating new and fair ways of providing services; critical in a mountain area like ours. It is not by standing still that problems are solved, but by innovating and improving opportunities for citizens “.
“Investing in proximity services – said Apss medical director Claudio Dario – is one of the main lines of development of APSS and thanks to TrentinoSalute4.0 we are seeing how the use of technologies, when they are widespread and usable by anyone – as is the case of mobile technologies – can improve access to health services with minimal costs for citizens, especially in terms of time”.
“FBK – said Andrea Simoni, secretary-general of the Foundation – bets on TrentinoSalute4.0. Research in digital healthcare is one of the four major objectives of FBK’s strategic plan for the next ten years. The Foundation brings a double value added thanks to its expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. We think that in this sector there are all the conditions for counting not only at local level but also at national level, above all in terms of quality. All this in the context of a collaboration with the other local players with whom a cohesive system has been created and which works because the projects have been designed together. The joint action and the ability to bring research and innovation in health in the planning policies of the Province and of the Healthcare System fully matches the mission of FBK that in addition to doing research, transfers innovation into the local area”.

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