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FBK hops on the bike for “Trentino Pedala” again

March 13, 2018

"Trentino pedala" (Trentino cycles), the contest that involves the Euregio areas (Trentino, Souh Tyrol and Tyrol) with the aim of encouraging citizens to use the bicycle more frequently in daily commuting, is back. The initiative will be starting on March 18; there will be time until September 16 to travel at least 100 km

Trentino pedala aims to raise awareness on the issue of environmental impact by increasing the use of cycling for daily travel in favor of, in particular, the reduction of emissions, traffic and for the improvement of the quality of life. Trentino pedala targets municipalities, companies, associations, schools and even individual citizens. The initiative, now in its third year, is promoted by the “Department of Infrastructures and the Environment – Sustainable Development and Protected Areas Division” of the Autonomous Province of Trento. Information and registration on

“”The goal of this initiative – Mauro Gilmozzi, the commissioner for infrastructures and the environment, points out – is to encourage all Province of Trento residents to use the bicycle more often, thus reducing pollution, improving the environment and one’s health. Trentino pedala enables us to share with all generations, in a simple and direct fashion, the principle of sustainable mobility that passes through day-to-day actions. The first two editions have recorded excellent results, with 2 thousand participants per year. The success of the initiative is undoubtedly the result of numerous organizations, municipalities, institutions, associations having promoted the cycling competition throughout Trentino. In fact, 63 companies have signed up for this third edition”.

How it works
The Trentino pedala cycling contest will start on March 18 and will end on September 16, 2018. Trentino pedala targets municipalities, companies, associations, schools as well as individual citizens. You may participate in a team or individually. The challenge is to travel by bike at least 100 kilometers, from March to September, recording periodically the kilometers traveled on the website or through the Trentino pedala App. The winners will be announced in September during the European Sustainable Mobility Week.
Also this year, the contact for questions and support to local organizers is Ӧkoistitut Südtirol /Alto Adige.
The “bike to work” initiative has been confirmed for this third edition as well: in July, every week, 5 competitors will be drawn and rewarded, who will use the bicycle as a way to get to work.
Citizens can sign up for the competition and, as of Sunday, March 18, they can start recording the kilometers covered by bicycle.

The numbers of the first two editions
The first two editions have seen 2,000 participants each year. 63 organizations have joined Trentino pedala 2018.
Overall, participants covered more than 2,700,000 kilometers, saved 403,504 kg in carbon dioxide production, and 738,751 euros on fuel.

(Press release 422 of 03/12/2018 by the PaT Press Office)


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