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Luigi Crema is the new President of Hydrogen Europe Research

January 24, 2023

The appointment of 24 January 2023 concerns the most important European research organization in the field of hydrogen.

Luigi Crema, director of Fondazione Bruno Kessler’Sustainable Energy Center, is the new president of Hydrogen Europe Research (HER), Europe’s leading hydrogen research organization.

Comprising more than 130 international universities and research centers, HER manages under the Clean Hydrogen Partnership – along with Hydrogen Europe (for the industrial sector) and the European Commission – a €1.2 billion program.

Luigi Crema, HER’s first Italian president, commented on the appointment that officially took place this morning: “It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome my appointment as president of Hydrogen Europe Research. It is an honor to provide support to the European program of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership by representing our members who have placed their trust in me. This appointment comes at a very important time for the hydrogen sector, which is emerging as a real prospect for a new market between now and the next few years. I will make every effort to bring attention, at the European level, to the need to think about the future and the next technologies, but also to the need to continue to team up with and systematize the various stakeholders in the field of industry, politics and business, to accelerate the grounding of what has been done so far in a timely manner. This is also an important achievement for the national context, as well as for the visibility that FBK will have at the European and global level.”

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