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National conference on the integration of administration archives with sample surveys

October 17, 2016

The conference aims to contribute to the growth of the collective awareness of the increasing importance of the integration of micro-data originating from government archives with microdata, particularly on individuals and families, gathered from surveys carried out by ISTAT or other research institutions.

The integration of administrative records with sample surveys is configured as a very useful tool for socio-economic analysis, design and evaluation of public policies. This integration process, in fact, is essential to enrich the information scholars, public officials and policy makers have to analyze the economic and social picture, to design public policies that govern changes and to assess their effects in a rigorous fashion. To this end, FBK-IRVAPP organizes a national conference during which two recent experiences of analysis concerning labor and education will be presented, that are based precisely on the integration of administrative data and survey data, and where the Presidents of INPS and ISTAT will illustrate the lines of action that these two crucial institutions are developing, in order to strengthen the country’s ability to understand their own economic and social situation, design precise interventions and measure their effects.

Of course, a national situation as complex as ours requires that regional and local bodies play a role in the utilization and merger process of administrative and survey data for scientific analysis, and design and evaluation of the measures taken by the public administration. The conference will conclude, therefore, with a round table at which experts working in research organizations based in the Lombardy, Tuscany and Veneto regions will present experiences and discuss perspectives on the subject.