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RELIGION TO GO! Religion in the virtual world

March 8, 2018

From the discovery of fire to the printing of the Bible, technology has never stopped involving religion. FBK's ICT and Humanities Centers work in synergy on the implications of an app that can virtualize objects and places of worship.

“RELIGION TO GO” brings to mind the “take away” trends of these days. And this is precisely what happens to objects and religious places when they are subjected to the use of the REPLICATE tool. The application, created at theFBK-ICT TEV Unit, allows users to obtain a digital 3D copy of any object, and can be shared “to go” on the network, through a viewer, or even experienced in the form of virtual reality.
Paul Chippendale (FBK-ICT researcher) and Sara Hejazi (FBK-ISR) tell us the implications of the project in this short video:

Among the aims of the RELIGION TO GO team is that of interviewing religious people of various faiths, putting questions about the opportunities offered by virtualizing objects and places of worship:

  • can it be used to bring different generations, or even different faiths, closer to each other?
  • can it allow to overcome geographical distances, creating bridges between religious communities around the world?
  • can it be used for spiritual needs, such as overcoming the lack of a place where to meet regularly?
  • can virtualized objects become one day an integral part of religious practices?

To date, the testimonies collected by the team show a great interest in the issue of virtualization. For this reason, we will be back soon to talk about the results collected, perhaps deploying the first objects and places of worship in “to go” mode.


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