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Trento Smart City Week, A “smart” program for all palates

April 10, 2018

The event will take place April 12-15. The central program, managed directly by the promoters - the Municipality of Trento, the Autonomous Province of Trento, FBK, UniTN, the Consortium of Municipalities of the Trento Province and IEEE - is divided into five sections as five are the facets of being "smart"

[PAT Press release – 3/23/18]

Each day will include talks dedicated to each of the five sections. The events tagged as Smart People will offer speakers holding strong visions of the future. Anna Cereseto and Alessandro Quattrone, researchers with CIBIO, will propose EvoCas9, what is it and what lies behind a scientific discovery on Sunday, April 15 at 8.30 pm at Muse. Friday, April 13 at 8.30 pm, again at Muse, attendees will have the chance to learn the techniques to unmask fake news thanks to the advice of IT-specialist journalist Paolo Attivissimo. The topic of fake news will also be addressed by the president of the Italian National Press Federation (FNSI), Giuseppe Giulietti, on Thursday 12 April at 6 pm in Piazza Duomo. On April 14 at 8.30 pm, Muse will host nutritionist Francesca Ghelfi, who will be presenting the Smart Food program, promoted by the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, illustrating the principles of healthy eating and showing – by discussing with the public – that often common feeling does not equal scientific evidence.

Then there will be room for two other exceptional talks hosted in Piazza Duomo. Friday, April 13 at 5 pm, Davide Cervellin, owner of Tiflosystem, a leading company in the sale of equipment to overcome visual and motor impairments, will deal with reading and communication for the blind. At 7.10 pm, Daniela Ciaffi of the University of Palermo, will discuss at length the topic of the care of public property. Those interested in the projects of the Trentino public administrations will find themselves in their element in the Smart Land section: for example, Friday, April starting at 3 pm, visitors will have the chance to take a walk in the northern suburbs and map points of interest along the way in the Melta Park.

As part of the Smart Citizens section, the panel dedicated to ideas gathered through a public call, citizens, inventors and startups will have the chance to present their projects, such as “Artbus” that will involve children in an imaginative laboratory on the pop-up technique, Sunday April 15 in Piazza Duomo.
Large space will be dedicated to the productive fabric in the Smart Solutions section: Friday, April 13 in Piazza Duomo, among other things, we will talk about bike sharing, car pooling, smart battery chargers, remote control and “smart health”. Finally, the Smart & Co. container will be dedicated to local organizations: from the “Robocop junior” challenge of Trento Fiere and Arcivescovile School Theater, to the Impact Hub Trentino’s blockchain and the initiative of Speck & Tech in Piazza Duomo.

On Saturday, April 14, the day dedicated to transparency, at 3.40 pm, visitors will have the chance to get more acquainted with the ity of Trento’s online help desk, which simplifies the filling out of forms by automatically retrieving the information contained in the administration files and providing, step by step, the right suggestions to fill out requests correctly. At 5.00 pm Anna Simonati, professor at the University of Trento, together with Alessandra Ianes from the Municipality of Trento, will talk about administrative transparency, focusing on the old and new forms of dialogue between administrations and citizens.

In the panel discussions proposed by the University of Trento, Friday, April 3 at 2.20 pm with Industry4.0: exclusion risks, innovation chances, the problem of the advent and spread of new information technologies that are revolutionizing the economic-productive fabric in Western countries, with significant occupational and organizational impacts, will be discussed to the end of offering a multidisciplinary look at the opportunities and issues that this change entails.

Saturday, April 14 at 12 pm, the target will be Smart City and Data Science, to understand how Big Data and Open public data, if used intelligently, are a powerful and useful tool both for local administrators and for the political and social local organizations for the development and planning of local social, economic and environmental management policies and the development of new services to citizens. Also on Saturday, at 4.20 pm, we will talk about the ACANTO project, which uses robotic technologies to counteract the effects of aging, promote social life and carry out rehabilitation actions.

Sunday, April 15 at 3.40 pm a very current topic, i.e. cyberbullying, will be the protagonist of a talk that illustrates CREEP (Cyberbulling Effects Prevention), an EIT Digital project coordinated by FBK that aims to develop new technologies for the early detection of online bullying cases through the monitoring of social media and the communication of preventive advice and personalized tips addressed to teenagers through a virtual assistant (chatbot).

Two participation challenges for all citizens.
Fondazione Bruno Kessler will show the experience of CLIMB, an educational game solution already active in many schools of Trento, with the aim of virtually reaching the city of Wuxi, in China starting from Trento and traveling along the ancient Silk Road. with the involvement of citizens and visitors who will choose sustainable mobility during the Trento Smart City Week event. The virtual road will take us on the tracks of the great inventions of the past: first important steps towards today’s smart cities.
With Tag Cloud voice, citizens will be offered the voices captured during the various events, the interviews with participants done at the Fbk stand, but also the comments posted on social networks with the hashtag #trentosmart will be processed dynamically generating a cloud of concepts summarizing the main topics covered (

But that is not all. In the busy program of Trento Smart City Week there are also many special events such as guided tours of the Proton Therapy Center, CIBIO and the Internet of Things laboratory, test drives with electric cars as part of the promotion of the provincial plan for electric mobility and walks towards the Sardagna terrace.

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