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World Artificial Intelligence Festival: FBK among representatives of the Trentino system in Cannes

February 10, 2024

The French Riviera will be hosting the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival, one of the world's most important fairs on artificial intelligence, February 8 through 10, 2024.

Trentino will be attending alongside the major international AI players with a delegation of companies and institutions led by Confindustria Trento. The Trentino booth has space for the initiatives of some member companies: BlueTensor, Consorzio, Dedagroup, GPI, Optoi and Social IT. Other local relevant entities will be attending, together with Confindustria Trento and DIH, the Digital Innovation Hub of Trentino-Alto Adige: Trentino Sviluppo, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, DISI, the Department of Engineering and Science, Information of University of Trento and EIT Digital, European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

WAICF 2024 , in addition to hosting nearly 300 companies specializing in the development of AI-oriented technologies, also presents a dense program of educational events and interactive workshops investigating the most diverse applications of AI involving productive sectors.

Below are the faces and voices of the Trentino delegation.

Roberto BusatoDirector general, Confindustria Trento
“Artificial intelligence appears to be a game changer, affecting not only our habits but also the way we produce value in industry. The underlying technologies are mature and available at affordable costs. However, a design approach is needed to introduce AI into processes. If until a decade ago the barriers to business introduction were related to lack of instrumentation, or inadequate analytical capabilities, the issue today is not technological, but mainly cultural and specific skills. Our local area has always been a pioneer of innovation. Over the years, our Association has taken on specific skills, as well as a key role in promoting the technological advancement of the Trentino industrial system, at all levels and on all fronts.”

Vittorio GuarnieriResearch
Liaison Officer, FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler
“For more than 30 years, Fondazione Bruno Kessler has positioned itself at the forefront of international AI research. FBK is a key player in the scientific landscape, with a significant mark also in several areas of AI application, including industry, healthcare, public administration, cybersecurity and ‘smart cities. Participating in WAICF 2024 represents a unique opportunity, as we are interested in deepening our understanding by actively participating in the world of AI. This event offers an occasion for high-level networking and the chance to discover the latest trends in AI, opening up potential business opportunities, especially with the local companies present at the Confindustria Trento booth. It also opens up possibilities for the development of new projects with international partners.”

Jonni MalacarneCeo
, BlueTensor
“Artificial Intelligence and innovation are the core business of BlueTensor. Our participation in the World AI Cannes Festival again in 2024 is a testament to our dedication to remain at the forefront of the industry, and this event is crucial for us for several reasons. Innovation and Inspiration with the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in AI, High Level Networking and finally, Conferences and Workshops.
Both myself and our Cto, Federico Lucca, also attended to present our new products: Eyerus, a no-code Computer Vision platform for quality control, and Linguanalysis, for intelligent information management enhanced by Generative AI capabilities. For us, WAICF also means being protagonists, inspiring continuous innovation in every sector.”

Davide PiazzaCeo
, Consorzio”
The stage of WAICF 2024 in Cannes also sees our participation to show our commitment in promoting the excellence of Trentino companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence at the international level.  In collaboration with the Trentino delegation led by Confindustria Trento, we bring our contribution by advertising our expertise in this field.
In particular, we showcase our AI solutions on topics such as demand planning in manufacturing, CRM optimization, and enabling technologies for data platform and LLM. Participating in WAICF 2024 represents a chance to share, learn and foster opportunities for collaboration in AI. We are here to consolidate the role of the Consortium as a reference actor in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem “.

Marco BellinzonaCeo
, Dedagroup-Ors
In recent times there has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, its potential and the scenarios it opens up.  At Deda we think that technology, guided and empowered by human intelligence, is a key tool to contribute to the development of our society. This is also, and especially, true for AI: if verticalized, meeting business needs and combined with a solid data culture, it can enable efficiency and effectiveness and foster growth. For this reason, events like WAICF are essential to broaden our scope of action in this technological field: thanks to the connection and discussion with companies, institutions, investors, and startups that deal with AI and that use it, we participate in the construction of an artificial intelligence that is a valuable ally and that, at the same time, takes into account the ethical and social issues inevitably connected to its spread.”

Federico MennaCeo
, EIT Digital
“Artificial intelligence is transforming entire industries, and there is an urgent need for professionals and students with skills in the field. EIT Digital is coordinating multiple European efforts on various fronts to develop talent ready for this change.
We are leading the European project named EMAI4EU, which provides specialized training in Emotion AI to more than 1,000 students and professionals for applications in healthcare, finance, sustainability and more. We are also involved in several other European AI projects. These include TANGO, which focuses on developing “human-centric” AI solutions, and the AI-on-demand platform. We also coordinate the AI Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Our Master School network of 16 top universities combines advanced academic courses with entrepreneurial training to prepare graduates for the AI economy. We also help professionals retrain in AI-focused roles. Our research and reports demonstrate our thought leadership on AI ethics, policy and technology.” .

Andrea BuccolieroVision
& Innovation Manager – R&D Dept., GPI
“Artificial intelligence has long been a key element of GPI’s strategy. We are using AI to experiment with the use of voice features as a diagnostic tool to detect patterns and biomarkers that may signal particular diseases or health conditions. In the One Health context, an approach that links human, animal, and environmental health as interdependent elements, AI plays a key role in data analysis, helping to identify innovative patterns to improve both accessibility and quality of care. Our work also focuses on the use of AI in the area of ontological semantics, which allows us to examine and decipher vast textual datasets, and the development of predictive models.  For us, AI is synonymous with technological innovation in the most critical areas of the global healthcare landscape.”.

Alfredo MaglioneCeo
, Optoi”Optoi is an Italian company based in Trento that has been developing and producing microelectronic components and smart sensors since 1995.

Our company has complete control over manufacturing technology from silicon wafers to sensors produced in our ISO6 clean room. Starting from design and simulations we produce microelectronic and electronic smart sensors for various applications in the industrial, mobility, biomedical and renewable energy fields.
Our smart sensors can be integrated with AI to derive and process reliable and accurate information on many measurement parameters.  Optoi produces both standard sensors and custom sensors based on specific customer requirements.
Optoi is attending WAICF 2024 to present smart sensors that combined with AI create innovative solutions.”

Maurizio GianordoliCeo
, Social IT
“In an era where artificial intelligence is driving digital transformation, our commitment is to shape the future with cutting-edge technologies. Our participation in research projects of international scope and ongoing commitment to the development of innovative ICT solutions reflect our dedication. We proudly carry out our mission to act in the present to anticipate the challenges of the future. We believe that artificial intelligence should be not only advanced, but also accessible to every industry and business size. And it is precisely with this vision that we participate in this event, side by side with Confindustria Trento and our Trentino partners, to share ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and build bridges for a smart and inclusive digital future.”

Monica CarottaDirector
of Business Attraction, Trentino Sviluppo
“Trentino Sviluppo supports companies that invest in key sectors of innovation, such as companies that use AI for the development of products and services, through the organiation of acceleration pathways, participation in sector fairs, B2B and B2C meetings, skills development and research of financiers.
It supports companies in the search for professionalism connected to this sector and organizes dissemination activities of the latest artificial intelligence technologies.
It supports through ad hoc calls the investments of companies that develop original and innovative projects.
Trentino Sviluppo supports the digitization processes of companies and Public Administrations through open innovation and technology scouting paths in the Italian and international scene”.

Marco Formentini
AssociateProfessor, DISI, Department of Information Engineering and Sciences of the University of Trento
“The Department of Engineering and Information Science (DISI) of the University of Trento presented itself at the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Forum 2024 with a broad portfolio of research, innovation and educational activities in the context of artificial intelligence. The Department has multiple competencies in the field of AI, and plays a leading role within several national and international research projects focusing on the topic. At the teaching level, The Master’s in Artificial Intelligence Systems offered by DISI allows students to experience innovative learning experiences, including through the involvement of industrial players and the development of dedicated educational projects (e.g., the Industrial AI Challenge). At this time of dizzying growth in AI-related topics, DISI proves ready for new challenges.”

[Press release from Confindustria Trento]

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