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Federica Mantegazzini

Experimental physicist, research scientist and leader of a research team at FBK (Trento, Italy) focused on development and physics of superconducting quantum circuits.

Scientific interests: Quantum sensing, Cryogenic particle detectors, cQED experiments, Quantum optics in the microwave, Hybrid quantum systems.

Institutional responsabilities:
▪️Coordinator of the MiSS (Microwave Squeezing with Superconducting (meta)materials) EU Horizon-RIA project (2024-now).
▪️Convener for the ECFA Detector R&D DRD5 – Quantum Technologies (2024-now)
▪️FBK contact person for the National Quantum Science and Technology Institute (NQSTI), Spoke 6 (2023-now).
▪️FBK contact person and Task Leader within the Qu-Pilot EU Horizon-RIA project, Superconducting platform (2023-now).
▪️Co-PI of the Hy-QMS Italy-Singapore Scientific & Technological Cooperation project (2023-now).
▪️INFN Local Coordinator for the DARTWARS experiment (2020-now).

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