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Letizia Lacava

A graduate in Economic and Social Disciplines from the University of Calabria, specialized in innovative and inclusive teaching strategies, she carries out consultancy activities in the field of educational and cultural planning and community engagement for associations and PAs. She has carried out studies on the best European education systems, has conducted research activities on creativity as a development vector at Lamezia terme-based Urban Center and on social innovation in the school sector, as part of the Risorgimenti.Lab project. She has collaborated with the Liaison Office and with the Innovation Center of Health Technologies of the University of Magna Graecia, Catanzaro. Co-founder of Associazione Aniti – Social Enterprise, she has contributed to the creation of social innovation workshops for the school world, where she had the opportunity to experiment with various teaching strategies (cooperative learning, peer tutoring, laboratory teaching, role playing, circle time) with the support of tools such as crowdfunding, contests, citizen participation, video storytelling. At Aniti, she contributed to the development of the “A Scuola di Open Coesione” projects on PA open data. Expert teacher on sustainable development, as well as on active and digital citizenship in various PON projects [supported by extra European funding], she is engaged in educational planning activities within Progetto Gutenberg – Book, Multimedia and Music Fair. FBK Magazine guest blogger since February 2020. Linkedin profile.

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