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A Virtual Journey Inside Einstein’s Universe

August 17, 2018

Astrophysicist Luciano Rezzolla will talk about neutron stars, black holes and gravitational waves. The event has been organized to mark the 25th anniversary of ECT*

Gravitational waves, black holes and neutron stars.  These topics will be discussed Saturday, September 1 in the conference hall of the  Trento MUSE Museum of Science where, at 6.00 pm, science enthusiasts will have the chance to listen to the conference by Luciano Rezzolla, professor of theoretical physics at the Goethe University of Frankfurt (Germany).

It will be a bit like taking a virtual journey through the universe of Einstein, who had predicted the existence of these objects with his theory of general relativity, even if he was not able to witness their later discovery. In particular, Mr Rezzolla, an internationally renowned Italian astrophysicist, will illustrate how today it is possible to explore the properties of stars, black holes and gravitational waves thanks to the computing power of supercomputers.

The initiative has been organized to mark the 25th anniversary of ECT*, the European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics at Fondazione Bruno Kessler based in Villa Tambosi at Villazzano, Trento (Italy).

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