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A (web)valley of ideas

September 16, 2021

On 27 August, the 2021 edition of WebValley ended, the summer school organized by FBK which gives Italian and international students the opportunity to confront themselves within the mare magnum of new technologies applied to scientific research. The enthusiasm of their testimonies is a certainty for our present and for the future.

It is difficult to summarize in a few words what a two-week full time Summer School can give to the students who have been part of it, and it can be even more difficult to summarize what the students have returned in terms of creativity, intuition and ability to confront inside a team with international characteristics.

However, this is exactly what was asked of them in order to obtain an X-ray of the Summer School that is faithful and adherent to the reality it presents.

This year, the team dealt with the topic of artificial intelligence applied to the fields of health and precision medicine, working with experts from the DSH and eHealthLab units of the FBK Digital Health and Wellbeing center and in collaboration with other Italian laboratories. and international. The school’s participants put into practice the data science tools acquired in the first week of the workshops to trace the early signs of the onset of comorbidities in diabetic patients starting from their history, collected in digital medical records. In addition to machine learning methodologies for life sciences, topics such as reproducibility and interpretability of data, privacy for AI solutions for health and the basis for implementing models in the cloud were explored.

Thanks to the presence in the team of three teachers of the Istituto Artigianelli, the project was carried out by applying teaching and design thinking methodologies, also linked to the world of innovation, which guaranteed a structured approach to the analysis of the context, to the generation of ideas and the presentation and promotion phase of the results.

In addition, a space was reserved for scientific communication and experience, including in the school program a scientific communication module by the Arditodesìo Association of Trento, one participant held the specific role of Communication Officer of the team.

Also this year, WebValley had to be developed entirely online. Thanks to the organization of a “DIFFUSED” LABORATORY, the Summer School has found within the limits of the “virtual” the opportunity to overcome the concept of “distance learning” and to create a scientific paper capable of breaking down distances and uniting those who ‘He has made. 19 female students from Italy, Texas, Virginia, California, New Mexico, Utah, Brazil and Russia worked as a team, coordinated by the direction of the tutors at a Head Office hosted by the Artigianelli Institute of Trento.

The results are not just placeholders planted on a world map hanging on the wall, but an undisputed proof of maturity, clear ideas about one’s future and a desire to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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