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An innovative online platform based on virtual reality to facilitate training of rescue teams

February 3, 2023

FBK's 3DOM Unit is a technology partner in the European project TRACENET, led by the Trentino Civil Protection

An innovative training and exercise system based on 3D scenarios and virtual reality (VR) systems for responders involved in emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, avalanches.

This is the goal of TRACENET (Training Center Network on 3D and VR), the European project led by the Trentino Civil Protection officially started earlier this year with the January 23 and 24 kickoff meeting in Trento.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, through its 3D Optical Metrology Unit (3DOM) led by Fabio Remondino, is the technology partner of the project and will develop technology solutions, including virtual reality, which will allow operators of the various European Civil Protection departments to experience emergency scenarios, interact online with each other and plan response actions virtually.

Fabio Remondino pointed out: “The project sees us as the only technology partner to support the Civil Protection and emergency response agencies from four European countries. TRACENET’s goal is to create a virtual reality (VR) based solution that will facilitate the remote training of rescue teams staff. The network of experts created by TRACENET, composed of civil protection and disaster management organizations, will share knowledge and skills, generating innovation in a very important sector such as emergency management”

“As part of TRACENET,” explained Simone Rigon, developer with 3DOM, “we will have to create an innovative technology platform that enables us to carry out unique and useful actions to improve the preparedness of rescue teams in case of emergencies such as floods and earthquakes. The platform will allow operators to work with 3D scenarios and virtual reality systems, interacting and planning remotely but collaboratively. ”

“The experience of the FBK 3DOM team,” stressed 3DOM researcher Elisa Mariarosaria Farella, “will allow us to support the various partners by bringing them closer to the 3D and virtual world. The project platform, which will be complementary to the traditional field exercises, will allow to innovate the civil protection sector, reduce exercise costs and safeguard the environment. ”

Alongside the Autonomous Province of Trento, the lead agency and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, other organizations involved in the project are the Italian Civil Protection Department, the Austrian Red Cross, the Swedish Civil Protection Agency and the Portuguese Fire Brigade National School.



The TRACENET Consortium

KOM Tracenet_phFabio RemondinoKOMTracenet_phFabio

The project has obtained funding for 458,696.29 euros from the European Union under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) program, a system established in 2001 to coordinate relief and humanitarian assistance in the event of disasters whose scope exceeds the response capacities of the individual affected country. It will run for 24 months, from January 2023 to December 2024.


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