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ECT* – the new website is online

September 2, 2020

Developed during the lockdown, it has been designed according to an innovative logic that includes remote events

The new website for ECT*, the European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas, is online.

Designed by Francesca Guerzoni in collaboration with the ECT* staff during the lockdown and in the following months, it offers contents relating to the various activities of the Center but also a section set up according to a new perspective, which includes remote events.

When browsing the site, users can quickly see, thanks to a specification to the side of the title, if the workshops and seminars are in-person or virtual events and, in the latter case, if the video of the recording is available.Additionally, all ECT* virtual events are can be found in a dedicated playlist.

Furthermore, a section dedicated to the Colloquia, i.e. scientific introductions to the workshops to be held in 2021, has been introduced. The videos are published on the ECT* youtube channel in the relating playlist  where visitors can already see the first Colloquium.

Furthermore, under the section Other Colloquia visitors can follow the events of other international organizations, such as the Arizona State University.

On the ECT* youtube channel, users can also find, in addition to the Colloquia videos,  online webinar and Workshop videos.

Useful information on the Center can be found in the About us section and in the sections relating to Research activities and the Doctoral Training Program

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