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FBK at the Festival of Economics with HIT to talk about “technology transfer and business development”

May 30, 2018

The round table discussion will be held on June 1 at 2.30 pm at the School of Laws Aula Magna hall

Trento’s Festival of Economics sees the active participation of HIT in its works with a round table discussion on a topic of great importance for Hub Innovazione Trentino: technology transfer and business development.

The panel discussion, coordinated by HIT President Anna Gervasoni, will include among its speakers Sergio Anzelini, Managing Director of Trentino Sviluppo, Paolo Collini, Chancellor of the University of Trento, Francesco Profumo, President of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Andrea Segré, President of the Edmund Mach Foundation, and intends to be an opportunity for learning more on the role and activities of HIT, in relation to the increasing relevance that advanced technological transfer represents for the economic development of the local area. The consortium, thanks also to the support of Trentino based organizations and its associates, invests in research and advanced technology transfer to develop new skills and entrepreneurship. While research advances new business solutions and implementations, Trentino-based entrepreneurs allow many startups and spin-offs to become the drive for new challenges in the field of innovations. Within HIT, ideas can translate into new companies, simplification of the industrial issues of others, patents and technology transfer. Trento is a jumble of material and immaterial wealth that favors the creation of new ideas and new ways of doing business.

The round table discussion will be held on June 1, at 2.30 pm, in the School of Law Aula Magna Hall and will be streamed live at

The presence of HIT at the Festival of Economics, though, will not be limited to this event: starting from the morning of June 1 in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, in support of a Climathon Youth organized by the Edmund Mach Foundation for middle school students in Trentino to give them the opportunity to reflect on climate change, to design and plan together a campaign that they can then bring into their schools, families and communities.

Also on June 1, at 5.00 pm, in the Palazzo della Provincia (Sala Depero), Prof. Gervasoni will also take part in a round table discussion dedicated to “Technological innovation and social inequality: what relationship in the 21st century?” forum introduced by Paolo Barbieri (University of Bologna) and with Alessandro Olivi (Autonomous Province of Trento), Ida Regalia (University of Milan), Stefano Sacchi (University of Milan) to talk about technological innovation in the tertiary sector, inequalities, problems of individual and collective rights and how policy measures can avoid possible gaps caused by new technologies in the jobs market.


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