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FBK is “HR Excellence in Research”

October 15, 2018

From the European Commission the certification for excellence in human resources services

The European Commission has awarded the Foundation the HR Excellence in Research  certification, rewarding the commitment and policies in favor of its staff and allowing the use of the HR Excellence in Research logo, which certifies FBK as a positive and favorable environment for researchers, with a fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation process and paths for professional development and growth.

The certification process is voluntary and open to all research and funding entities who wish to commit themselves to concretely implement the 40 principles enshrined in the European Researchers’ Charter and in the Code of Conduct, integrating a strategy of management and development of human resources within the broader mission of the organization.

The certification process began in October 2016, when the Foundation submitted its communication of endorsement to The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R ) to the European Commission, with a commitment to implement a strategy for human resources that:

  • promote the professional development of researchers throughout their careers
  • recognize the value of geographic and interdisciplinary mobility as a strategic asset to strengthen scientific knowledge and enhance the professional development of researchers
  • encourage researchers to pursue the objectives established by the European Charter of Researchers, implementing them during the course of their professions

Following the positive opinion of the European Commission in 2017, the Foundation set up a working group that implemented the certification process. We started with an internal analysis and prepared an Action Plan based both on the results of the analysis itself and on what emerged from an internal questionnaire and some focus groups that involved the research community (view the full process here ).

With the official recognition by the European Commission, the Foundation commits itself to implement its action plan within two years as well as to prepare a self-assessment report on the actions carried out.

After three years, the Foundation will be subjected to an external evaluation by the European Commission that will verify the progress in the implementation of the Action Plan and the objectives actually achieved by the Foundation with respect to those enunciated in the HR Strategy.

The advantages deriving from the HR Excellence in Research Award are many and concern both the promotion of the overall image of the Foundation, as a place that can offer a stimulating and favourable working environment for the growth of researchers, and above all the possibility of improving its policy on human resources strategy, aligning it with the principles contained in the European Charter of Researchers and in the Code of Conduct. The recognition also certifies the Foundation’s commitment to guarantee fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation procedures.

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