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August 9, 2017

FBK research will be aired on RAI3 on Sunday, August 13, in the "VivinTrentino" show

Another episode of the provincial “VivinTrentino” segment, organized by the Programming Department of RAI-Trento, in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento – Press Office and with Fondazione Bruno Kessler will be on again on Sunday, August 13 at 9:15 am on RAI3.

The thorough report, prepared by journalist Elisabetta Curzel, is devoted to the Foundation’s research on digital health in the service of citizens, which is conducted by the eHealth Research Unit led by Stefano Forti.

In the photos, the director of our ICT Center, Paolo Traverso, who recorded the launch from the RAI studios in Trento this morning.

Next week, the episode will be available on RaiPlay at:


“Sanità e informatica al servizio del cittadino” (by RAI -Trento)
When talking about health, every streamlined process and every lightened practice are welcome. Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the Provincial Healthcare System have long worked to provide citizens with health and digitization services to make everyday life a bit simpler.



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