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Inside Nature: how editors work to select your paper

June 19, 2019

A seminar with Federico Levi, Senior Editor Nature Physics, organized by Manlio De Domenico (Head of Complex Multilayer Networks Research Unit @ FBK) and Nature - International Journal of Science

Since its launch in 1869, Nature has seen its mission as two-fold: facilitating the prompt communication of the most important scientific developments to the relevant research communities, while at the same time fostering a greater appreciation of these great works of science amongst the wider public. In this talk, the speaker will endeavour to explain how Nature editors, in particular, apply these principles in practice in their everyday job in order to run their journal and so determine which few of the many excellent research submissions received make it through to publication.

Federico Levi is Senior Editor at Nature Physics since 2017, having previously been a Senior Editor and Team Manager at Nature Communications. His studies began at the University of Milan, where he specialized in the dynamics of open quantum systems. He then obtained his PhD from the University of Freiburg where he studied entanglement theory and energy transfer in disordered systems, with a focus on identifying quantum effects in biological processes.