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Manlio De Domenico

Head of the Complex Multilayer Networks (CoMuNe) Research Unit at the Center for Information Technology of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.
A (non-exhaustive) list of my research interests includes:

  • Structure and dynamics of complex systems, mostly modeled as multilayer networks
  • Information and other emergent behavior of complex systems (e.g., life, consciousness, collective intelligence)
  • Resilience of complex networks to random and targeted structural/dynamical pertubations
  • Information diffusion in (multilayer) systems
  • Information theory of complex networks
  • Advanced mathematical techniques for dimensionality reduction
  • Complex analysis of (big) data

His research on complex networks finds applications in systems biology, systems medicine, computational social sciences, computational epidemiology and data-driven policy making.

Co-director of the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks and member of the Complex Systems Society Council.


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