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Kids go green! Together for the world

May 8, 2019

A project in collaboration with FBK on the importance of getting to school in a sustainable way

Big excitement today in Trento for Kids go green – together for the world, the event for elementary school children who have experienced the “virtual journey” initiative developed within the Safe Walking for Children project, created by the Youth Policies Office in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Kaleidoscopio and the elementary schools of the city.

Students and teachers met at 9.30 am sharp in Piazza Cesare Battisti and then moved in two groups toward Piazza Duomo, where a large planisphere was set up on the floor. Hundreds of children have placed their “footprints” along the equator, representing their commitment to protecting the environment.

Thanks to “Kids go green“, the children went on a virtual journey around the world during the school year with trips obtained by adding the kilometers they made to get to school every day in a sustainable way: on foot, by bike, by walking-bus or with public transportation. Each trip would reach a location, to which multimedia teaching materials related to its history, geography and culture had been associated.

901 children from 50 classes of 10 elementary schools (Cadine, Cognola, Martignano, Mattarello, Meano, San Vito, Sardagna, Sopramonte, Schmid, Vela) participated, for a total of 17 sustainable routes and 89,717 km.

The activity was highly appreciated by children and teachers both for its environmental impact (sustainable home-school mobility went up while the number of cars near the school buildings dropped), and for its educational value (the children showed curiosity and interest the proposed materials; games enable the definition of interdisciplinary and inclusive educational paths).

The party wrapped up with the song It’s up to me! Kids Go Green, especially created by two teachers.

The community service volunteers and the trainees of the Town administration collaborated in the event.


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