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Ready for a new challenge? Applications for Webvalley 2023 are open

March 8, 2023

WebValley, Trento-based Fondazione Bruno Kessler's international summer school, organized in collaboration with Istituto Artigianelli opens to a new challenge by involving about 20 girls and boys between 17 and 19 years old in a data science project dedicated to air quality monitoring.

The WebValley 2023 Team, composed of 20 students and internationally experienced tutors, will be involved in the development, implementation and, finally, in the validation of artificial intelligence algorithms in order to monitor air pollution through the processing of datasets acquired by innovative sensors, produced with FBK’s micro- and nano-technologies in collaboration with the Sensors and Devices (Micro Nano Facility Unit) and Digital Health & Wellbeing (Data Science for Health Unit) centers.
These technologies make it possible to monitor pollution in a “diffuse and real-time” manner, in line with EU policies that incentivize improvements in air quality. The WebValley Team will be supported during the three weeks not only by FBK researchers, but also by researchers and experts in the field from other national and international bodies who will follow the project by giving their contribution with seminars, hands-on workshops and scientific advice.  It will be recalled that from the first edition (2001) until today, more than 400 students from all over the world have participated in this initiative. Given the international context in which the activities take place, participants are required to have good English comprehension and communication skills.

Also this year, the school will be held in person and will last 3 weeks, June 18 through July 8, 2023 and will be hosted at the Artigianelli Institute in Trento, while accomodation for all participants will be provided at the Istituto Arcivescovile in Trento.
Fondazione Bruno Kessler grants up to 15 scholarships, a part of which will be destined for students from the province of Trento.
In May, additional applications, up to a maximum of 20 total, will be opened for the finalists of the ISEF Prize, the largest international scientific competition for non-university students. The scholarships cover the costs of specialized laboratory activities as well as room and board. Arrangements for room and board are the responsibility of FBK. Families may be asked to contribute to organized sports and social activities on weekends. Applications

can be submitted ON-LINE from Monday, March 6 until Sunday, March 26, 2023.
Students should apply at and using  the General track once they have completed the registration.Students participating in WebValley will have the opportunity to accrue 150 hours of SCHOOL-TO-WORK/PCTO credits at the discretion of their home school.
The WebValley International Summer School website on which all information can be found is:

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