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The Tokyo Institute of Technology visited FBK

November 4, 2019

The meeting with the Japanese delegation was an opportunity for an exchange of views on research areas and projects and to identify common topics for possible collaborations

Fondazione Bruno Kessler hosted a delegation from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious Japanese universities and the largest institution in the field of science and technology, in its Povo premises today.

The visit to FBK is part of a three-day round of meetings in the area (November 4-6) that the Japanese institute arranged in Trentino in order to verify the possibility of starting collaborations in science and innovation with some local business players.

The day opened with the seminars held by Hiroyuki Ito and Korkut Kaan Tokgoz, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor of the Japanese university respectively, followed by a business lunch and afternoon meetings, in particular with the board of the Foundation’s Center for Materials and Microsystems (CMM).


From left, Massimo Bersani (FBK-CMM), Korkut Kaan Tokgoz (Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Hiroyuki Ito (Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Ludovico Minati (Specially Appointed Associate ProfessorTokyo Institute of Technology), Hiroaki Matsushima (Company Partner, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd)

The meetings between the two organizations served the purpose of deepening knowledge about each other’s research areas, projects and activities, and to identify any common interest fields on which to start partnerships.

The Japanese delegation actually expressed particular interest in the IoT solutions developed by FBK in the environment and in the agri-food sectors, such as sensors, hardware platforms, data management and analysis software. The possibility of creaing traineeships for students and scientific collaborations through exchange visitor programs was also discussed with interest.

Other attendees included Ludovico Minati, Specially Appointed Associate Professor at the Japanese Institute, and Hiroaki Matsushima, a representative of Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.


* in the cover image, the headquarters of the Tokyo Institute of Technology (© Tokyo Institute of Technology)



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