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The transformation of jobs due to digital technology

May 8, 2017

FBK President Francesco Profumo delivered a lecture at the Lorenzo Guetti multi-disciplinary High School in Tione (Trento)

On the day of the diploma awarding ceremony at the Multi-disciplinary High School Lorenzo Guetti of Tione (Trento), the President of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Francesco Profumo, gave a lectio magistralis entitled “The transformation of jobs due to digital technology” dedicated to the professions of the future.

“We are inside a new industrial revolution,” he said, “everything is changing at an unprecedented pace and, as always, there are risks and opportunities. Production is increasing and diversifying: traditional occupation is decreasing, new high-quality jobs are being created. Digitization and the Internet are bringing disruptive business models that affect all sectors, industry, banks and insurance companies, the media and public administration. New professions such as Chief Digital Officer, who helps steer growth by converting traditional analog business towards new paradigms, and supervises operations following the rapidly changing digital sectors, are emerging. The ability to leverage Internet and e-commerce within SMEs is important as well since they increase export levels compared to other companies that lose their competitive edge. ”

President Profumo also recalled Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s initiatives dedicated to young people, such as WebValley, the introduction to research course organized every year in Trentino for students from around the world, and called the program “the most beautiful laboratory in the world “.

The event on Saturday, May 6, was introduced by the school’s Principal, Viviana Sbardella, who welcomed guests and students at the Institute’s Auditorium. Ilaria Maestri had the task to greet guests and speakers in the name of all the students, before the talks by the vice-president of the school’s Council, Stefano Brunelli, and the chairman of Cassa Rurale Adamello Brenta, Monia Bonenti.

During the ceremony, musical moments were entrusted to the Guetti Intitute Band, directed by Sara Maganzini, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary .

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