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Thoralf Skolem Award 2023

July 3, 2023

There is also Alessandro Cimatti (FBK) among the signatories of the most influential field study over the period 2002-2022, which won the Thoralf Skolem 2023 award, presented yesterday in Rome at the CADE-29 conference.

The insightful scientific paper “A SAT Based Approach for Solving Formulas over Boolean and Linear Mathematical Propositions” published in 2002 by Gilles Audemard, Piergiorgio Bertoli, Alessandro Cimatti, Artur Kornilowicz and Roberto Sebastiani dealt with studies for the realization of an algorithm used in electronic circuit design systems and software. A solution that serves in particular to automatically analyze any design errors – before the circuit itself is built – so they can be corrected in time ensuring greater speed and saving money.

“Receiving this award was of particular satisfaction,” said Alessandro Cimatti, director of the Bruno Kessler Foundation’s Digital Industry Center, ” On one hand, the techniques we proposed in 2002 are still used in the most modern automatic inference systems. On the other, they are the basis of various solutions developed by FBK in technology transfer projects for important industrial realities.”

In an era characterized by speed and change, in the two decades under consideration, the study has maintained its authority and importance in the field unchanged and was therefore chosen to be honored in this year’s edition.

Cover: Roberto Sebastiani, Franz Baader and Alessandro Cimatti

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