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Pier Luigi Sacco Is the New Director of IRVAPP. The ISIG Strategic Plan Has Been Approved

July 24, 2017

The board of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento) approved the new strategic plan of the ItalIan-German Historical Institute (ISIG) headed by Christoph Cornelissen during its meeting this afternoon.

We asked prof. Cornelissen to illustrate its main points for us.


“ISIG’s research for the three-year period 2017-2019,” explains Cornelissen, “will focus on mediatization and the mediality of history. We intend to analyze, with a multidisciplinary approach, the evolution of the media in relation to the social, political and cultural transformations that characterized the modern and contemporary era. In addition to rebuilding the historical development of the media in its various dimensions (economic, technical, cultural, political), we will be reflecting on the influence that the media system has had in the development of historical processes. By mediatization we refer in particular to the phenomenon of the central role that the media has taken as a factor of social change. In its long tradition, ISIG has always tackled central issues in political and social history. Starting from this basis, the mission for the coming years will consist of a collective project on the mediatization of the political and social spheres. It is a new and stimulating scientific perspective that incorporates some of the most productive historiographic lines of recent years and significantly strengthens the cultural history research proposed by the Center. Among the strategic objectives set out in the three-year project are maintaining the excellent ranking of ISIG in the context of national research, expanding forms of cooperation and fellowship with organizations within the Italian and international university and non-university system, recovering forms of alternative funding for recruiting new research staff, focusing on innovation practices in scientific research and on giving back its results to the community, and strengthening collaboration with the local institutional and the cultural fabric. ”

Also, the new director of IRVAPP was  appointed in today’s Board meeting.  The Institute for Evaluation Research on Public Policies of Fondazione Bruno Kessler will be led by Pier Luigi Sacco. The mandate will last three years, starting January 2018, when the new director will succeed Antonio Schizzerotto, who has led the Institute since its inception in September 2008.

Pier Luigi Sacco is Professor of Cultural Economics at IULM University in Milan, Senior Researcher at the Harvard metaLAB and Visiting Scholar at Harverd University. He is also Special Advisor to the European Commissioner for Culture and Education, member of the MIBACT Technical-Scientific Committee for Museums and Economy Culture, of the Scientific Advisory Group of Europeana Foundation and of the International Advisory Board of the Secretariat for Research, Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic.


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