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Christoph Cornelissen

Christoph Cornelissen is the director of Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Italian-German Historical Instittute and full professor of contemporary history  at the University of Frankfurt on the Main. He has lectured at the Universities of Saarbrucken, Düsseldorf, Prague, Kiel and the London School of Economics in London. He is co-chair of the Czech-Slovak-German Historical Committee; member of the Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG); co-director of the «Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht» journal and, in Italy, he is a member of the editorial committee of the «Italia contemporanea» magazine. Among his numerous scientific works we mention his biography of historian Gerhard Ritter, Gerhard Ritter. Geschichtswissenschaft und Politik im 20. Jahrhundert (Droste 2001). Also, he has recently co-edited the book  Europa 1914. Wege in das Unbekannte, Paderborn (Schöningh 2016) and, with Paolo Pombeni, the work Spazi politici, società e individuo. Le tensioni del moderno, Bologna (Il Mulino 2016).

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