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Jacopo Iannacci

Researcher at Microsystems Technology Unit (MST) Center for Sensors & Devices .

JACOPO IANNACCI received the M.Sc. (Laurea) degree in electronics engineering, in 2003, and the Ph.D. degree in information and telecommunications technology from the University of Bologna, in 2007.

He worked as a Visiting Researcher at the DIMES Technology Center (currently Else Kooi Laboratory), Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, focusing on the development of innovative packaging and integration technology solutions for RF-MEMS devices, in 2005 and 2006.

Since 2007, he has been a Researcher (Permanent Staff) at the Center for Sensors & Devices, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy. In 2016, he visited as a Seconded Researcher with the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, IZM, Berlin, Germany.

He received the Habilitation as an Associate Professor (2017) and the Habilitation as a Full Professor (2021) of electronics from the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR).

His research interests include finite element method (FEM) multi-physics modeling, compact (analytical) modeling, design, optimization, integration, packaging, experimental characterization and testing for reliability of MEMS and RF-MEMS devices and networks for sensors and actuators, energy harvesting (EH-MEMS) and telecommunication systems, with applications in the fields of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as future 6G, tactile internet (TI), and the super-IoT.

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