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Osvaldo Costantini

Osvaldo Costantini is a graduate in Cultural Anthropology at Sapienza – University of Rome, with an interest in migratory narratives and daily practices among Eritrean Refugees in Rome. He obtained a Ph.D from Sapienza – University of Rome, where he carried a research among Eritrean and Ethiopian Pentecostals in Rome. His focus was on the ways in which Pentecostal language allows people to confront the difficulties and the uncertainties of their lives within given power structure and the relationship between conversion to Pentecostalism and the political past of the two countries. He is visiting researcher at Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento.

His main research interests are in the fields of Migration, Religion, Pentecostalism, Horn of Africa Studies, Religious cure, refugee studies, Witchcraft and Traditional medicine. He worked as cultural mediator with a reception center in Southern Sicily for 11 months, and in the last 6 months he was working as consultant for IOM (International Organization for Migration) and as translator, guide and consultant for an US NGO (The American Team for Displaced Eritreans) in a short survey in Eastern Sicily. He joined ISR’s research team in December 2016 as visiting researcher. His short project is about surveying all the institutions, NGO, associations, religious congregations (both Italian and diasporic) that work in Trento area in the field of migration.

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