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Passion and research. FBK Magazine dedicates a space to talking about sports from different perspectives

July 27, 2023

Explore the marriage of sports, research and passion in FBK Magazine. Discover the relationship of those who work at Fondazione Bruno Kessler with sports, balancing ethics and work. Look into the importance of data in sports. Explore the unique relationship between sports and mountains in the run-up to the upcoming Winter Olympics. An open, engaging and growing worksite.

We live in a world in which practicing and following sports is commonplace. Fortunately, we add, being well-rounded enthusiasts.

Like the by now proverbial four friends at the bar sung by Gino Paoli, we got to chatting and thinking about how to give substance, once more than we do in our lives, to this passion. And we are three instead of four and if the bar was, but only for the moment, more virtual than real. So be it!

Here is what we plan to do, and share. We are going to dedicate a space in FBK Magazine, under the stories section, and try to fill it by writing and discussing sports. At this time, we have given ourselves four pieces of guidance to organize future content.

First. What is done about and for sports in our Foundation? Do we have projects, research ideas that involve them?

Second. Sports is a cultural, social, ethical and health issue. How do you balance sports and work? What is the line between sacrifice-opportunity and sacrifice-exploitation to which high-level sports commits from a young age? What do our experiences on the fields or parquet floors teach us about the professional skills we spend at FBK? How much does sports practice enter our lives in order to increase our well-being? We would also like to engage young athletes and ask them how (and if) they envision a possible future between sports and research.

Third. Data seem to be increasingly important in athletic training and performance management. What do we have to say and share about it? There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the Moneyball model, which suggests that professional team management select athletes based on purely statistical assessments, but there is much more to think about.

Fourth. We live and work in a land that will host the Winter Olympics in two years, so why not think about the relationship between sports and mountains?

The construction site is open and the containers may increase in number, be specified differently… we will see. For the time being, we think we can fill them by writing our stories, but also by interviewing and – we are very hopeful about it – by attracting the curiosity and attention of those who would like to help us out.

To you all: enjoy your running, your cycling, your jumps, your dunks, your shots, enjoy watching your favorite sports.

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