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Richard Hall-Wilton

Richard Hall- Wilton, Director at Center for Sensors & Devices – FBK.

Experimental high energy physicist with a multidisciplinary scientific profile. Leading next-generation technological projects including funding, planning, strategic direction and execution. Technology development from conceptualisation through development, construction, commissioning, and operation. Experience of building a green field facility. Group formation and management, including training and mentorshop of students and experts.

Education and Employment
(2022 — ): Director for the Sensors and Devices Centre, FBK, Trento, Italy.
(2020 — ): Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Glasgow University, UK.
(2018 — ): Visiting Professor at Milano-Bicocca University, Milano, Italy.
(2013 — 2018): Adjunct Professor in Electronics Design at Mittuniversitetet, Sundsvall, Sweden.
(2011 — 2017): Deputy Division Head Instrument Technologies at the ESS.
(2011 — 2022): Detector Group Leader at the ESS.
(2011 — 2014): CERN Associate (Engineering Department, EN/STI).
(2009 — 2010): Recipient of an Israeli Technical Fellowship (equivalent of CERN Scientific associate) at CERN.
(2008 — 2011): Research Scientist, CERN / University of Wisconsin.
(2005 — 2008): Research Fellow, TS-LEA, CERN, Geneva.
(2001 — 2005): Research Associate, University College London, UK.
(1999 — 2001): Research Associate, York University, Toronto, Canada.
(1995 — 1999): PhD, Experimental High Energy Physics, Bristol University, UK on “Diffractive and Non-Diffractive
Charm Production in Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA”.
(1992 — 1995): MA, BA Natural Sciences (Physics & Geology), Cambridge University, UK.
(1991 — 1994): 4 Summer periods of industrial research with British Nuclear Fuels Ltd, UK.

Scientific Collaboration Membership
(2014 —) Founding member of nn oscillations @ ESS proto-collaboration
(2013 —) Founding member of ESSνSB proto-collaboration
(2013 —) CERN RD51: Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detector Development
(2013 —) Founding member of European Radiation Detection & Imaging Technology Platform (
(2012 —) Initiated both Swedish Detector and Trans-Oresund (SE+DK) detector platforms
(2011 —) International Collaboration Neutron Detectors (
(2006 — 2011) CMS collaboration at the LHC, CERN, CH
(1995 — 2006) ZEUS collaboration at HERA, DESY, DE
(1995 — 2011) CERN RD42: Diamond detector development

Multidisciplinary Scientific Profile: Publications across the following disciples:
Fundamental Physics (High energy physics and neutron physics), Advanced detector systems, Neutron instrumentation, Diamond detectors, Beam monitoring and Accelerator Physics, Gaseous Detectors, Thin Film technologies,
Data Acquisition and Detector Readout Electronics, Detector Engineering and Data Analysis Techniques and
Statistical Methods