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Elisabetta Farella

Elisabetta Farella is head of the explorative unit E3DA –  Energy Efficient Embedded Digital Architecture at ICT – FBK from 2014. She received a Ph.D degree in electrical engineering and computer science from University of Ferrara in March 2005. Her research activity is in the field of microelectronics, with particular reference to components (sensors, transceivers, microcontrollers, actuators), systems (particularly “embedded” systems consisting of advanced microcontrollers interfaced with sensors and communication components) and their application, mainly in the following fields: Wireless Sensor Networks, Ambient Intelligence, Wearable Electronics (for health and rehabilitation), Internet-of-Things for natural and 3D human-computer interaction. She worked since 2014 as coordinator of the research activities on body sensor and actuators networks, smart objects and tangible interfaces at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering (DEI) at University of Bologna (www.dei.unibo.it) within the group of Prof. Luca Benini. She participates as team leader in many EU projects (FP6 SENSACTIONAAL, FP7 SMILING, FP7 CuPiD, Eureka Eurostar NIIT4CAD, ARTEMIS CAMMI, ARTEMIS SOFIA) and national cooperation with industries (STMicroelectronics) and research centers (INAIL, IMEC, ETH). From 2006 to 2010 she was research supervisor at T3lab (www.t3lab.it) of 3 groups of researcher working on embedded systems (wireless sensor networks, ambient assisted living, RFID).

Personal research interests: Hardware-software design of wearable systems, body area networks and smart objects based on sensors and actuators. Integration with mobile system and personal devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Optimization of wireless sensor nodes and sensor fusion algorithms  for advanced on-board processing, energy efficient computation under application-driven constraints. Main application domain: pervasive computing, activity recognition, ambient intelligence and ambient assisted living, motor rehabilitation and healthcare, bio-feedback personal devices, tangible interfaces, human-machine interaction with computer graphics application and immersive 3D environments, gesture recognition, sensor fusion.

vedi: https://e3da.fbk.eu/people/profile/efarella

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